We're Now On Google+

I can't help but feel like Google+ is like some weird, exclusive club where people are afraid to start dancing and everyone's sort of shuffling awkwardly - but still! We're on there now, and if you guys happen to feel like adding us to your circle or whatever, that would be totally awesome.

But while we're here, promoting ourselves and all, we might as well ask the question - how are you guys liking Google+ so far? I have my own account, but I'm a little confused! And at the moment I feel like there aren't enough people on the service to detract me from Twitter or Facebook.

Also - it needs a point of difference.


    The complete lack of adds (at least for now) not to mention I'm not getting tons of "So and so has gifted you X in MAfia Wars!" "Bob has raised mega-crops in Farmville!" type crap.

    its a very 'exclusive' club feel atm which is lame. Needs more people and getting friends to switch is next to impossible.

    I didn't think businesses could register for G+ yet, or is it just your personal account?

    not yet a part of this "exclusive club"

    Don't have an account yet, but this pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter.


      That comic is exactly what sold me on the concept.

    There's not really much to do on Google+ right now, but I'm sure that will change. I'll keep an eye on it. At the moment it's difficult to spend more than 2 mins on it.

    Didn't Google already try their hand at social networks with Buzz and fail?

      Not to mention Google Wave.... Excellent concept, poor execution

    this sums it up for me.


      Link's broken.
      I assume it was this:

        that's the one! :)

    Is there a blood test to determine if you are google positive or negative??

    Myself and a fair few of my friends are using it pretty regularly, and I'm really liking it. I hope it gets plenty of users when it opens up to the general public, because I can definitely see myself using it exclusively instead of Facebook.

    Followed! I'm ready for something new and am willing to jettison facebook for the sake of change.

    I'm on, I've added some family members, added some friends and I'm following Kotaku AU and a few others. It seems nice and simple to use, but there's not much to do on there yet. I do like the fact it looks cleaner than facebook and I don't have a thousand stupid messages from people about their farms. I like the exclusive club feel about it, reminds me when I first had gmail in the beta stages.

    I've got severe trust issues of Google and now they want me to give them my details? Good luck with that. :D I might be paranoid, but that's my take.

      Pretty much this.

      While I do somewhat agree with that XKCD comic, I still don't think I'll go for it. With its circles idea and all that does eliminate some of the things I don't like about facebook, but I still don't have facebook for various reasons, including that paranoid :P And I'm not sure I want to have much to do with google either. I'm still locked out of my youtube account, simply because I don't want to have a google account. Again I forget why, but I'm pretty sure I had reasons at some point >_>

        Gooky, remember how we spoke for the first time in 2011? MEMORIES!

    Only got on late last night so still needing to have a good explore. I'll definitely be adding Kotaku due to the fact that my circles are pretty much deserted at the moment

    Ok so far, yes there is less people, but it is technically in a 'beta' phase.

    I love the fact that unlike other social networking its not all private or all public, you can actually over lap specific things with specific people, I.e. family, friends and co-workers can all be added but you control what parts of your page they see.

    NO ADDS.

    im hoping also that all the people i dislike will stay on facebook, that way i dont have 7000 requests a day for crap like, farmville and mob wars or friend recommendations.
    something simple clean and useful is all i want, and im hoping google given there track record keeps things simple.

    It's pretty much an echo chamber, for the moment.

    I'm going to struggle to update three social networks (I barely use Facebook as it is, except to organise events) and I can't see what Google+ adds that isn't already done in Twitter or Facebook.

      I thought the idea was to replace both with the one and it also has video chat.

    Anyone heard when it is due to go public? very keen to check it out.

      Jump over to Whirlpool, you'll be able to get an invite.

    Meh for me, another social networking site for people to actually be anti-social.

    I don't need google posting on my wall "Kyall just googled 'maid bondage hardcore'" or anything like that, so I'm not sure what google+ is like till some one gives me a feature list.


      That might help.

    So how long until this Google+ ends up like every other "was cool before it was popular thing" by being the most hated thing in existance.

    im giving it it 2 days tops

      I dunno but Facebook has managed to continue to do pretty well despite the constant and outrageous privacy issues and its ability to help more stalkers and pedo's than all the other social networking sites (past and present) combined.

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