Who Wrote The Best Reader Review In May/June?

Well, doesn't time fly when you're... doing stuff. I'd like to apologise to those who wrote reader reviews over the last couple of months, because I haven't announced the winners for a while! But I'm here now! And I have the winners! Of course, as always, Madman has kindly offered up a BLu-ray/DVD pack for the best review written each month.

In May we had a handful of top reader reviews: The Witcher 2 by the one and only Fistbeard McTavish, a review of Anno 1404 by Adam Ruch, and a review of the Razer Onza Tournament Edition controller by Benjamin Golightly, AKA 'The Cracks'.

This was a tough one, since all three reviews were of the highest quality. Fistbeard has a way with the written word, as does Adam Ruch, but I felt as though Benjamin's in-depth look at the Razer Onza was definitive, as though this was the only review I needed. Therefore May's winner is Benjamin Golightly! Congrats mate!

And for June? Well we had a top notch review from Chad Lennerts, aka 'Marathon', and FatShady convinced me to give 1000Heroz a try - but I found it very difficult to look past Lamarr Buckshot's review of L.A. Noire which featured a cool concept and some really sharp writing. Somehow, it also managed to be a pretty informative review as well. Great job.

If the winners can get in contact with me here with their address. Also - let us know if you have a Blu-ray player!


    Just to make sure, do we send reader reviews into [email protected]?

      yeah, but feel free to send it to [email protected] sometimes the other ones get caught up in my overly aggressive spam filter.

        Righto, get ready for my Infamous 2 review.

        Try not to be too blown away by my literary genius.

    Thanks! Email sent.
    'Grats to all the other winners.

    I love reading Reader Reviews, so keep sending them in, people.

    Nice work guys. I think this site would benefit from more review-y type writing on games. And Mark, your designer should think about a good way to sort/search/list reviews we've compiled over the months.

      Haha yeah, I think the tags are sometimes inconsistent which makes it harder? I just do a search of my own name.

    Congrats all. I do enjoy the reader review section so yeah, keep writing them. I'm thinking of doing a couple more too!

    Congrats to the winners and reviewers. Always good to see a new reader review.

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