Yup, Another Obscure Japanese Game Is Coming To The PC

Carpe Fulgur, the same guys who brought 2010 surprise hit Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale to the West, is back with another obscure Japanese game soon to be an obscure Japanese games with English language localisation.

Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone will be CF's next title, their third (the second being Chantelise) since setting up their own "publishing" house after wanting to break into the industry.

Fortune Summoners is a "side-scrolling platformer action-RPG" originally released in 2008, with a fancier, more deluxe version put on shelves in 2009. Carpe's own release will include the upgraded graphics from the latter, while retaining the voice actors of the former (all the English will be subtitled).

A demo should be out later this year, with a release planned for the holiday season.

Project Three: Fortune Summoners [Carpe Fulgur, via IndieGames]


    Capitalism ho!

    Recettear was awesome, and I support these guys wholeheartedly. There are so many amazing Japanese games that we will simply never get to play because of language, and I hope CF making a living off bringing them to us both works for them, and proves a point to others.

    This looks a lot better than Chantellise, but Recettear was awesome.

    Recettear is an absolute awesome game. I hope this one is just as interesting!

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