A Nice Thank You For Portal 2

According to YouTube user Khaff 3, "This is my own way to make my thanks to the creators of Portal 2 for making such a WONDERFUL videogame!"

For game creators, it must be nice making games that people like — and even nicer when players make something of their own as a humble way to say thanks. And here's the part of the post where I say thanks.

Thanks Joe for the tip!


    i hope he wins the music video comp :D

    Portal made me sad.

    I never wanted to hurt her. I just wanted to do Science. Then she tried killing me.

    Then... when I tried to find my way to her to find out what I did wrong, she attacked me, and tried to kill me. :-(

    And Portal 2. We FINALLY get together, and work with each other, and she throws me out of the place I like.

    And, none of the cute Turrets came with me. :-(

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