Portal Is Free On Steam Right Now

The original Portal is now available on Steam for free. There is no word on how long it will be free, but right now anyone with a Steam account can go and download the game.

[UPDATE: The game is free until September 20]

Released in 2007, Portal was a massive success that was followed-up by a sequel that was released this year.

Thanks to Ben Abraham for drawing our attention to this.


    There are people who don't have Portal on Steam already?

      Yes. I have no Steam.

      Although I keep forgetting that I grabbed Orange Box on 360 earlier in the year when it was going cheap, so I guess I do have Portal now. Even if I haven't played it yet.

      Still Alive DS was fantastic though :)

    They had this promotion last year too. Got me hooked on the first game, successfully recruited a customer for the sequel. :D

      I just asked on of my friends if they had this. Found out that she created her steam account during the last promotion when it was free.

      Just checked and she now has 116 games in her steam account. I reckon these sort of things might work well for valve.

        Although, for every "friend of Tigerion" there are some lambomann007's who have only bought 7 games since creating an account for this last year :P

      That's exactly what happened with me. Got Portal for free, which lead me to getting Portal 2 for free from my PS3 copy, which lead me to TF2 (because it was free). ;D

      I wonder what else will become free...

    This reminds me.

    Portal 2 DLC is released mid September does anyone know what part of September Valve considers mid September and if they will be giving us a heads up before it drops?

      Mid March 2012.

        More like 32nd of September.

    Sucks to be any indie devs releasing this week then. Even if you have Portal or don't want it, it'll be hard to justify spending money on other games on Steam when they're just giving top quality product away.

      Except pretty much everyone with a steam account already owns Portal :s

      I've got 26 friends on my friends list. Only 1 of them doesn't have portal, but they're barely online anyway.

    Are you sure Valve isn't trolling us? The install button does nothing...

      ikr! i want my portals :(

      Yeah install button does nada. Always meant to get around to trying out portal, oh well.

      Yep. Now it's back at $19.95

        Sorry my bad, it's still free. I was looking at the Orange Box pricing :x

        When you look at portal in the product list (e.g. do a steam search on portal) it lists Portal as $20, separate to the orange box which is also listed at $20. When you go into the Portal product page, there's no price next to Portal only the orange box. Seems like someone that works on Steam has messed something up accidently.

    i just checked steam on my mac, and portal is still coming up at $19.99

    Ok so doing it through Steam does not work though if you do it via the link provided in the above article it works fine. Am now downloading it.

    I don't own portal but I'm more then happy to get It for free and play It :)

    I haven't bought anything that isn't free on steam, lol.

    It is still free on steam, just click the install game button ;)

    I used the link in the article above and was able to access the game for free at 3:48PM this afternoon (after the story correction above), so still free by that method...

    Is this permenant? Or temporary?

      correction, thanks for the update

    I'm downloading the free portal. Clicked the link at 4.03pm and it was still free. If I go to the steam website its free but in the steam store its not. Weird

    It's 4.14pm and I still manahged to get it for free. It has a price tag on it, but instead of the "add to cart" it just has "install game". You can still get it.

    yay, now I have Portal. Last time it was free, we only installed it on my sister's account...for some reason *shrug* so now I don't even have to download it! It's already on my computer! I just couldn't access it because I keep forgetting my sister's steam password. But no more! I can play it whenever! Yay! Wait, I'm not sure exactly why I'm excited.

    I got it for free last time but i will tell my brother

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