Commonwealth Bank's Investorville: Gamification Gone Crazy!

Thinking about investing heavily in property, but having cold feet about all the money you'll have to risk? Well, Commonwealth Bank has got you covered with 'Investorville' - an exercise in Gamification gone mad. Commonwealth Bank are calling Investorville an "online simulation tool" - but it's really a complex game based on real world costs. If you're thinking about investing, this may be a great educational tool.

“Making the leap from owning your own property to buying an investment property can seem quite daunting to a lot of people," claimed Mark Murray, General Manager Commonwealth Bank Consumer Marketing. "Investorville helps to break down common misconceptions and show the practicalities of property investment.

“The really beneficial part of Investorville is that users can, in the true sense of the term, try before they buy. The properties and data are reflective of the Australian property market and the types of properties available,” he continued.

The ASX does something similar, allowing potential investors to play the stock market for free, but we've never seen a tool like this so aggressively marketed as a gaming experience. Just the name itself - it's clearly designed for those that spend hours on Facebook games.

The creator of Investorville, Aaron Michie, Interactive Concepts Director at BMF, explained further.

“We’d seen property games and property investment planners before," he said, "but none seemed to offer an experience that a person could apply to the real-life challenges they were facing. Investorville combines sophisticated economic modelling and real market data with a simple user-friendly gameplay to give people realism and simplicity.”

Please, for the love of God, let's make sure this thing doesn't get on to Facebook - I've got enough spam updates on there as it is.


    Does everything have to be a game now, 'cause that's the only thing they feel "the young'uns" can understand?

    I mean, I'd rather get actual advice than fumble around in a simulator called Investorville for an hour...

    Why so negative?
    This seems like, at the very least, an interesting approach.
    It's good to see a bank trying out ideas.

      I just love that they called it 'Investorville'.

      I think it's an alright idea.

    I knew a guy in uni (no way!) doing Engineering/Commerce.
    At one point, playing one of these investor sims was actually part of the course work (for the Commerce part). From what I gathered, how you performed had no direct impact on your course mark, but the lecturer and students all had a friendly competition going on, to see who could come out on top.

    The future of education is using game making techniques in a educational way. But a most common gaming technique skinner box (greatly used in call of duty mp) should be applied to education.

    Simple fact, you learn more when you are having fun, tho i doubt this game is fun to play.

    Yeah I did that ASX thing a few years back - it was fun - but I mostly did it cuz ASX was one of the few sites not restricted at the place I worked at the time!

    "the property investment simulator"

    Wow... way to suck the fun right out of the room.

    Hey guys, here's some investment advice:

    Invest properties in Canberra will consistently give you the best return. Our rental prices are skyrocketing, and there is so much demand that it's not going to end. It's questionable whether you should invest in Tuggeranong, because while prices are cheaper there atm, there's a risk that the town centre makeover will fail horrendously, and it will die.

    This investment advice was brought to you by someone who actually knows nothing about investing! *high five*


    Anyone want to take bets on how long it'll take Zynga's lawyers to file a lawsuit?

      I would guess quite a while, seeing that Zynga doesn't own the -ville extension in regards to the naming of video games, and certainly wasn't the first to use it.

    It is precisely this 'houses as investment' ideology that means most young people will never be able to afford to own a place anywhere they actually want to live. When will all the baby-boomer's take their negative gearing and just die already? Hands off our games - they're for brainwashing us into joining the army, not taking out home loans!

    Also, please forgive my pinko-commie crap, it seeps out from time to time.

      Milbo, if you actually played the game you would notice how it highlights the cost of investing in huge houses compared to the rate of return.
      I liked its simplicity and its astute details. For eg how refurbished properties affect the tax return. Reflecting actual ATO offsets. All without over complicating game play.
      Not the be all end all of investment education and blatantly flaunting commonwealth banks interests. However Investorvile ranks very highly in the replay-ability and addictive stakes.

    A lot of people learn better by doing than reading. I think this is an interesting approach in concept, haven't tried it out in practice to really speak about its merits or shortfallings.

    i'd rather play monopoly, at least that's fun.

    I thought this might be interesting, but it turned out a complete joke.

    3 years in, and I receive an inheritance of $50,000. A few years later, I get my "annual bonus" [which has not appeared in previous years] of two-hundred-and-fifteen-thousand-f*cking-dollars.

    Are these things expected in life? Am I the only one that has no rich relatives or bonus scheme?

    Sounds like a great way for Commbank to learn your financial profile and risk appetite, and then use this in a carefully played marketing exercise when they contact you in the real world.

    Hook. Line. Sinker.

    But I still like the idea and will probably sign up anyway. :D

    It seems ok, although i don't think it'll make me want to invest in property anytime soon - even though its made into a game, it feels suspiciously unreal in a simplicity way.

    oh and @Penmonicus i think you put the decimal in the wrong place. My bonus was $21,500... unless your avatar was more of an up+comer from the eastern suburbs working in finance ;-)

      Nup - $215,000. I'm sure of it.

      I started with the lowest profile you could get.

    Investing is something that many people are interested in, but learning about it can be a bit daunting.

    I hope this does well, if only because it will highlight the educational benefits of taking otherwise dry subject and making them fun.

    Oddly enough, this game gets released just a week after Century 21 Australia released a game utilising the same concept, albeit in a much more visually stunning package than this text heavy simulation. for those interested...

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