Don't Miss Your Chance To Be A Gotham City Impostors Beta Tester

Slip on some blue tights, smear on the grease paint, and fill out a form for the chance to beta test the upcoming Batman-themed online multiplayer shooter Gotham City Impostors, now seeking eager players across all three platforms. Sign up already!


    I love how you link this on the Kotaku AU site but you need to be in America to register...


      Nice to see someone else can read T's & C's, way to go Kotaku..... >.<

      I'm not sure why I chose to read the T&Cs this time, but I did. Get it off .au, please!!

    I wonder if I can get involved if I use my us xbox account :S

    One sentence, no image, not available in Australia... yeah fail.

    I'm in LA, California if anyone asks...

    What is with these one sentence articles?? lolz

    Dam US only crap... totally had my hopes :(

    use this post code i jsut found on google for a new york zip code 11597

    I always use 90210, lol.

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