Gotham City Impostors May Be The Most Violent Batman Game Ever.

The beta for Gotham City Impostors is out today and it seems pretty cool so far. I haven't been able to play online yet, but the tutorial showed me some of the cool gadgets you get to play with.

I'm playing the beta on the PS3, but Gotham City Impostors will be released to Xbox live, Playstation Network and PC on January 10th, 2012.

Check out the video above to see the opening cinematic and a some of the tutorial.


    Wow, it's like APB reloaded in Gotham, looking forward to it!

    So... two groups of psychopathic mass murderers slaughter each other while dressing as batman or joker or harley. Horrible. They're not cool or interesting, they're random and inhuman. What the hell guys.

    I didnt ask for this

    I've tried several times to get into games since the beta opened and it's just not happening - the matchmaking is horrible - they'd wanna fix it before they go live.

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