Frozen Synapse Gets Demo, Half-Price Weekend On Steam

I'm only just now getting around to Frozen Synapse, which was released back in May and about which a bunch of people I know have had only nice things to say.

So far, it's like some glorious combination of X-Com and Tron with maybe a touch of Rainbow Six and Ubisoft's fantastic 3DS game Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. (Which is still my favourite 3DS game — Crecente agrees.)

Frozen Synapse's developers, Mode 7, are now offering a free demo on their website, and this weekend, the full game is 50 per cent off at Steam. That means that for $US12.99, you'll actually get two copies of the game, one for you and one to send to whichever friend you'd most like to cleverly ambush and kill, over and over again.


    Its a hell of a fun little game, a hell of a lot of planning, testing and revising your master plan all ruined because the enemy with the rocket launcher steps the wrong way and suddenly gets in a position to kill half your men in a single shot
    That video is from a mission that took me 20 minutes to plan & execute, scary how quick its all over

    Oh my gawd, I recognise that screenshot as a mission from the Campaign.
    So much rage.
    Two rocket launcher dudes, one machine gunner, useless allies, against a fairly well rounded team, and you just pray and hope your enemy gets caught up in the rocket's splash damage.

    'Shld' b easy to port to iPad - Yes?

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