GAME TV Hits Season 2

GAME TV Hits Season 2

GAME TV had a bit of a rough run to begin with, but speaking to the producers during my appearance on the show (which will be shown in the next couple of weeks or so) I was told that the team actually spent time scouring the comments section of Kotaku for feedback and attempted to change the show accordingly.

Personally, I had fun recording the upcoming episode and I think that the presenters have hit their stride a bit more in recent episodes. The first episode of Season 2 features ex-Frag Doll Ashley ‘Jinx’ Jenkins, who now works at Microsoft Australia.


  • They’re far too reliant on the stereotypical awkward gamer personalities. It isn’t handled in a very funny way, so why not have the presenters either turn it up to 11 so that it actually is funny, or show some sort of more real personality?

    • They actually had some good conversation going, but the humour still looked forced.

      It’d be nice to see some real personality and less ‘insert random gamer stereotype joke here’.

  • Thirty year old men behaving like 16 year olds makes for terrible humour – heads up on that one. The producers might want to run an audience profile.

    And seriously, AirMax with a suit? That is just offensive to men who know how to dress.

    Jinx brings a fresh breath of normal to an otherwise socially challenged presentation. She definitely carried the episode.

    I don’t mean to be so negative about this, but with the quality video content now floating around the net, i think it is reasonable to expect a little more.

    Executed with some careful consideration and planning, video has the potential to be a great way to present info on the topic.

  • I’m a tad skeptical of Kotaku’s stance on this Game TV thing. Especially since I’ve been seeing Game TV advertisements on the site quite a bit of late. It just seems like all the articles about Game TV have been increasingly more biased towards it being actually worth watching….hmmm could just be me being paranoid though.

  • Much improved! Glad to hear they took our comments on board.

    Awkward comedy – reminds of the UK Office TV show (not the crap US one)

  • Game TV Is woeful and Good Game has been terrible since Jung got laid off. His 5 Inch Floppy series on gamearena has been gradually getting better though. Much more in depth reviews than other shows and he doesn’t bother stamping ratings or scores on his reviews. And no, I’m not a friend of his – I genuinely like his work!

  • Ignore this GAME TV shit.

    REAL gamers (guy and girl) are running Blistered Thumbs, a “by gamers for gamers” news and reviews site, including video reviews.

    Not saying abandon Kotaku, just this GAME TV shit.

  • This seems harmless enough. But it still rubs me the wrong way somehow.

    I think it’s the hammyness of it.

    These guys feel like they’re playing awkward dudes, hanging out in a basement for laughs. And it feels strained.

    I like to watch Good Game even though Bajo and Hex are dorky (Especially Bajo) Because I feel like it’s legitimate dorkyness. Maybe exaggerated, but exaggerated from something real.

    It’s also the reason why I like GiantBomb and Mega64.

    I like those people, those personalities. This feels like 4 people inn suits sat down and tried to think of what makes gamers laugh.

    OR… It could be that everytime I go into a GAME store (Speciffically GAME Frankston), I have been treated like crap. I now do not shop there, or even venture inside.

  • im sorry i tried to give it another go i wanted to hurt my self after 90seconds.

    Play it one way or the other.

    Have a moronic gamey storyline with no address of the audience(and make the writing better)

    Or just stop with the forced humor and do something interesting

    Coulda had what might have been a decent interview instead you have all this stereotype crap instead

  • There has only been one good gaming show and that was X-Play. Unfortunately, since TechTV became G4 it’s turned to shit…still beats this crud (and Good Game) though.

  • This show is bloody terrible and has absolutely nothing going for it. I’d rather endure Bajo’s painfully annoying gesticulations than watch this crap.

  • It’s not too bad.
    But they need to change the camera angle a few times while people are just plainly sitting there..
    And they need new hosts coz these ones are so dull and non energetic, it makes the show bland and tedious to even watch.. :/ maybe Australia will one day have a show worth watching 🙁

  • It’s an improvement, but if the producers are reading this:

    1. The audience on Kotaku are grown men. We have jobs, we have lives, and i think we aren’t that awkward in real life. The guys on the show act like they’re playing into the stereotype of gamer nerds who can’t get girls. Not all (none?) of us live in basements.

    2. Oh god, its a girl, i have to be awkward. Sorry, i don’t.

    3. Why can’t they just talk? Just think hamish and andy, with legitimate interviews.

    Still though, a step in a great direction.

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