GameFly Sweetens The Pot With PC Game Downloads

For nearly a decade GameFly has been the Netflix of video games, delivering console and handheld titles to eager gamers across the US, but where’s the PC gaming love? It’s coming later this year, when GameFly rolls out an online client featuring more than 100 free PC game downloads.

Launching next month in closed beta, the new GameFly client mixes social features like game collection sharing with the ability to download and play a wide variety of PC titles. Subscribers to the rent-by-mail service will gain access to these PC games for no additional cost. As long as they’re subscribers, they’ll be able to play; once they cancel the games go away.

The new service sounds much like Turner Broadcasting’s GameTap service, which I’ve been confusing for GameFly for years anyway.

While the initial lineup of games will be for the Windows PC, Mac gamers can expect titles to show up on the service as well. GameFly co-founder Sean Spector told USA Today‘s Game Hunters that the first 100 or so titles is only the beginning.

“We are in discussion with all the major publishers. You have the physical and now you are going to have access to the digital as well. GameFly subscribers will truly get a benefit for no extra cost.”

Perhaps once the collection grows large enough, GameFly will start offering a discounted subscription rate for players that only want access to the downloadable titles, much like Netflix has done by separating streaming video from its rent-by-mail service.

Hit up the link for more info on how GameFly is changing the way it flies games.

Video game rental service GameFly to offer PC game downloads, new features [USA Today]

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