Let's Remember Sonic's Good Old Days


    I wanted a tin of that sega sonic softdrink/beer/whatever it was sooooo badly.

    Haha, Sega World cards!

    I still have the Knuckles one somewhere here.

    Where's the plastic Sonic which held bubblegum bits in his head? I still have that one, not pictured here!

      My mistake! Below the Orange cased shampoo.

    Ahhh... brings back happy memories of ukresistance.co.uk

    "All the crap that used to be associated with Sonic" and "it may look like a bunch of junk"? Honestly, do you Kotaku guys have the slightest idea how much time it took me to select all those items from my collection, prepare the arrangements, make the signs, pack it, put it all up etc. etc.? Did anyone notice that I've even tried to always show something 'old' and 'new' from the same theme/category (e.g. old Sonic Fanta Can, new Sonic Energy Drink etc.), just in the spirit of "Sonic Generations"? No, you just look at it and immediately disregard it as a pile of junk, that only a selected few weirdos could love, while it's obviously only trash for everyone else.

    Really, I think that above comment was mean and unjustified! Even if today's games are mostly war and shooting, there ARE still a few who do love Sonic... and do hate it if someone tramples on their dreams. This stuff is a part of Sonic's history, and not trash!

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