Now You Can Trade Team Fortress 2 Hats For Actual Video Games

Now You Can Trade Team Fortress 2 Hats For Actual Video Games

Does your Team Fortress 2 backpack runneth over? With the newly launched Steam Trading Beta, you can turn your excess in-game TF2 items into other in-game items or, more importantly, a gifted copy of Left 4 Dead.

How does it work? Well, first, Steam users must first opt-in to the Steam Trading Beta. Then, should they have a Team Fortress 2 hat, weapon, badge, footwear item or can of Crit-a-Cola that another user may crave, they can trade said item for, say, a gifted copy of some other Steam game. Just look for other players who have opted into the beta via Group Chat or your Steam Friends List.

The system marries the already existing gifting of Steam games with Team Fortress 2 item trading, basically.

Right now, beta trading is limited to Team Fortress 2 in-game items and Steam Gifts (unplayed extra copies of games), but Valve says it plans to extend item trading to Portal 2 and third-party developers who are interested in managing in-game items and inventories through Steam.

There’s a FAQ for this whole thing, if you’d like to learn more.

Introducing Steam Trading Beta [Team Fortress Blog]


    • The weapons/gear from the class updates earned through achievements can’t be traded.
      Tis odd, since they drop as random drops anyway, but eh.

      • It’s not too odd now that the game’s Free 2 Play. Make an account, do the achievements, trade the items, make a new account, rinse-repeat. Valve (and players) don’t want this, so making them untradable (and the metal, if they decide to scrap them) untradable prevents this.

  • Sounds to me like something EA might not be a fan of, or object to being involved in. Maybe there’s a clause that expects publishers to offer up some game or DLC for the trade system going forward?

  • I was downloading the Tropico 4 demo when I saw this. I opted in. I still have to download TF2 and Portal 2 (snagged both during Summer sale). Not sure if this will be my thing, but Im interested in how it goes.

  • Funny. When I was reading this update through the Steam RSS feed, I started to wonder if THIS might have been what EA were up in arms about? :3

    Just a theory I suppose :3

  • Aren’t EA games being taken off of Steam nowadays? So Steam probably don’t care what EA thinks about this setup.

  • Sweet, now if I could persuade somebody to trade Gmod for something I have in tf2, that would make my day

  • Two points:

    1) This is already happening.

    Valve isn’t doing something new, they are reacting to an exesting practice among Team Fortress 2 players instead.

    Players have been already trading rare or no longer available in-game items in exchange of real money (Paypal) or Steam bought games. They do this either through in-game chat on Trade specific TF2 servers, or through forums (e.g. This means that trades are being made not following Valve’s TF2 trading guidelines. NOTE: Guidelines, not rules. This brings me to number…

    2) This new feature is beneficial to Valve and players as well.

    The recent in-game item for non-in-game currency/game trading scheme was risky. You would have to trust the person to give you the item once you gifted them the game, sent them the money or you would have to trust the person to pay you after you sent them the item. Either way, you were more vulnerable to scamming than by going through the in-game process.

    This new system by Valve makes it a bit safer to make these alternative trades, as well as (now that it is official) opening the idea of trading to other games.

    Some people disagree with the cosmetic accessories and general item trading that has been cropping up in games that don’t happen to be MMORPGs. I for one welcome our new accessory overlords.

  • Oh and I just gave all my hats away after deciding not to play anymore 🙁 If I held out I mgiht have gotten some free games. I shoudl feel more dissappointed than I am, but I really enjoyed TF2 more befor ethe hats so /shrugs

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