Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one tiny screenshot? You guys have been getting too good at this, so I'm taking extreme measures. If you can't get this game by 2pm, I'll upload a second part of the screenshot. Good luck!


    The title screen for Final Fight? Or was it Fatal Fury?

    Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterWUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDS!

    Looks like a brick wall...Final Fight?

    Shot in the dark, Sonic 2.

    Streets of Rage? Got to love the old arcade machines.

    Failing that - Bricklayer Simulator eXtreme 3000

    Metal Gear Solid 3.

    Brick Wall 2: the Brickening

      Serious guess.

      I want to say Streets of Rage 2, but the bricks in it while look really similar aren't as bright as those in the screenshot, also the patterns on the bricks are more random, not the same two patterns repeated indefinitely.

      that beings said and someone already choosing the original, I'll go with SoR2

      (now all we need is someone to guess Streets of Rage 3)

    You guys are looking at this all wrong. They aren't bricks, they are an abstract representation designed to look like bricks but are merely a...

    *Looks again*

    Nope, I was wrong. They are just bricks.

    Definitely looks like a 16 bit game though.

    Tetris 2, when they took the franchise in a darker direction.

    I can't see this one lasting long, but I could be wrong.
    Pink Floyd's The Wall the videogame?

    Actually, going by what's happening around it and our fine editor's comment, I think this is probably one of the only places a brick wall appears in this game and the bits and pieces around it are the apocalypse or decay of some sort happening in the background.
    Probably a side-scroller, but I think the biggest hints are on the laft side of the picture.

    Two crude dudes!!

    Thanks Mark :D

      Well at least it took more than 10 minutes this time. . .

        I recognized those bricks distinctly from my childhood.. I also have a boxed copy with manual I picked up from cash converters a few years ago, practically mint!

      Found it~

        OMG! Mad skillz that.

      Dammit! I was going to say that!

    two crude dudes - md


        I know, i only beat you by a minute, sorry dude!

          congrats - I wasnt 100% but am at home today and grabbed the box from out back to look at screenshots - seemed to fit colours and the thing on left resembles the colours on one of the sprites

    I'm going to take one completely out of left field, because it just feels right: Revolution-X, featuring Aerosmith. Or maybe that Terminator gun game.

    Donkey Kong running on a Super Game Boy. Yep.


    I'm gonna guess (Super?) Castlevania.

    The original Duke Nukem?

    I remember this screenshot, it's from "Mark Serrels vs Kotaku Community".

    It's the part of the game where Mark starts headbutting the wall after having his screenshot being guessed.

    Yup, first thing I thought was "That's the start of Two Crude Dudes". Arcade version.

    It's Two Crude Dudes.

    You guys are incredible. Congratulations.

      Cheers Marky!

      Great job on the screenie, Mark. I never would have gotten it (without some serious digging).

    Ahh the memories. I used to play this at the indoor cricket centre when I was in high school instead of playing cricket. We used a clicker to give ourselves a whole bunch of credits and try and clear it in the hour and a half we were there.

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