Rumor: Mirror’s Edge 2 Running On Battlefield 3’s Engine

Rumor: Mirror’s Edge 2 Running On Battlefield 3’s Engine

You know how Battlefield 3 looks absolutely stunning? That’s because it’s on a new engine, Frostbite 2. And if rumours are to be believed, so too is Mirror’s Edge 2.

While EA’s Frank Gibeau first hinted at a new ME project back at E3, even coyly playing along with speculation it may be on Battlefield 3’s engine, Britain’s Official PlayStation mag is out-and-out claiming that “the Frostbite 2 engine will pave the way for Mirror’s Edge to make a free-running return.”

Just to keep your feet on the ground, remember, there’s been absolutely zero confirmation that Mirror’s Edge 2 is even in development, let alone what engine it’s using.

Mirror’s Edge 2 uses Battlefield 3 engine: OPM strengthens rumour [CVG]


  • Make this happen.

    I loved Mirror’s Edge, and I’d love to see a sequel. Preferably one which concentrates on the strengths of the first game (which was the running / platforming stuff) and ditch the half-arsed shooting (just because it’s in firstperson doesn’t mean you really absolutely HAVE to shoot stuff, does it?)

    • The combat itself wasn’t terrible. The problem was that it didn’t fit. I’d much prefer to see Mirror’s Edge 2 keep the general combat but make it so that the focus is on running away and that you never have to face someone down.

      When it comes to fight or flight, Faith should always go with flight. Mirror’s Edge suffered, mainly in the later levels because you were forced into combat and running away was a much harder option than trying to steal a gun then killing everyone.

      Combat should be there. It should be hard. It should be for those trying something a little different.

      • That’s what I thoughts as well – the gunplay just not belong there and the game insisted early on the player should try to hide but then forces one to fight.

        The other problems I had were the incomplete story (parts that would have helped were placed in promotional trailers and comic books instead of the game itself) and the lineal paths.

        At the risk of being chased out of here for suggesting this, but Mirror’s Edge might have been far better had it been made as a sandbox – we should have been given objectives and we (using the whole city) should have tried to reach the objective.

        Do not get me wrong though – I still like Mirror’s Egde. It is a unique game despite its flaws.

    • Actually, I thought the handling of firearms was done rather well in Mirror’s Edge. It played a minimal role, and readily penalised you by reducing your running speed and dexterity. This led you to ditch the weapon fairly rapidly.

      Let’s face it, it does make situational sense to disarm an opponent and use their gun against them.

    • the half assed weapon system was on purpose.

      you were meant to not want to use weapons. They were there if you really needed them, but the emphasis was meant to be on movement.

      by making a shitty gun system which slowed you down and made it easy to get killed. Ensured that people didn’t just play it like a shooter with some platforming

  • ME was an excellent game, and a sequel could easily improve on ME1’s few shortcomings and create something legendary

    • If the lighting engine was licensed for use in Frostbite, then it becomes part of the whole Frostbite engine, and can be referred as so.

      You don’t hear people talking about the Unreal Engine with the third party physics engine, do you? No, it’s just the Unreal Engine.

      That’s what a game engine is, all these little components working together to provide a framework to make games, regardless of whether the components are developed in-house or not. Why reinvent the wheel?

    • From what i remember, they said a small team was still working on it. And early this year i know they said that they moved the team working on the game (or at least the majority), to “other projects” as well. Now we see from E3 they gave us a hint ME2 is still on……

      *sigh* come on EA….We just want an official and clear announcement about the state of this game, i loved the first one.

  • A testament to Mirror’s Edge is the fact that every few months, I bust it out for no particular reason and play it all the way through, even with annoying niggly controls and all.

    Great game and hopefully great series!

  • And to think Mirror’s Edge could look any more beautiful, you go and post an article like this!

    Bring. It. On.

  • loved mirrors edge but i always thought the guns were badly implemented. everything about the game was fast moving except that. it should have been like throwing knives and melee and maybe a pistol that could be used while running and jumping. If anyone saw the very early proposal video of Mirrors edge before detail etc was added thats how it should of been done.

    • No offense but apart from taking away Faiths ability to run, yours are some of the most game breaking suggestions I’ve heard. The whole point was that she was flimsy, that guns were awkward to use and that it was about the RUNNING not the combat. By making her some knife throwing, pistol-totting ninja woman you not only destroy any sense of reality ME had going for it, you also completely subvert the genre of the game.

      Keep in mind, this isn’t an FPS.

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