Space Combat Goes A Little Appleseed: Ex Machina, Steel Battalion

The folks behind Burn Zombie Burn are working on a new space shooter that features a transforming fighter designed by the man behind the mechs of Appleseed: Ex Machina and Steel Battalion.

In Strike Suit Zero, due for a download release on the PC and game consoles early next year, players take control of the Strike Suit as they battle to save Earth. The game features a transforming space fighter, branching-mission structure, ship designs from mechanical design engineer Junji Okubo and music from award-winning sound designer Paul Ruskay.

"Strike Suit Zero is inspired by the classic space combat games we all love," said Jim Mummery, Creative Director doublesix games.  "But our game goes further – it takes that inspiration, pumps up the pace and injects a massive sense of urgency to excite and challenge the player."

The game, which is in development by doubsix, is getting its first showing to the press at next week's GamesCom.


    Macross style combat...yes please.

    Almost looks like a better version of the battleoids from Robotech! that can only be win!

    Why don't we get more games like this!?

    Definitely interesting... not enough of this kind of game these days.

    Only problem I see so far is that I wasn't impressed by Burn Zombie Burn...

    It almost looks like they have taken the VF-4 from macross, played around with it and then put it in the game....

    work for me though, anything with mechs and space combact gets me going :)

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