Steam Honours Quakecon With Weekend Sale

Starting today, Steam is celebrating id and Bethesda's Quakecon with deals on their games. Sales will change daily from now until August 8. Today's deals include discounted games, free-to-play Brink, and in-game specials for TF2.

Quakecon 2011 Steam Sale [Steam]


    why does it never let me buy these deals, everytime i go to pay it redirects me to the front page! - happened with GTA too a while back...

    I like the part where Brink is 50% off for the rest of the world but only 25% off for Australians.

    I like the part where is selling Brink for $25, ever since launch and still has stock available right now. Brink's a great game, one of my favorites, but $90 is way too much.

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