The Incredible Work Of Ex-Blue Tongue Artists

I think one of the great tragedies of studios closing is all the great work that gets lost in the process -- the concept art, the design prototypes -- so when we were approached and asked if we could post some work from Blue Tongue's artists we jumped at the chance!

It just shows what incredible talent these guys had, and still have for any studio smart enough to snap them up! Click on the artist's name for more examples of their great work!

Ace Reporter by Drew Morrow

De Blob 2 poster by Lynda Mills

Centrifuge by Stephen Rushbrook

Cleaver Render by Andrew Westwood

Demon Warrior by Richard Lyons

Pilot by Terry Lane

Showreel by Guy Walshe


    Good job posting this, Mark. Nice to see some support for the lads and ladies who are immensely talented yet, for whatever reason, find themselves without work. Judging by these, it won't take long for them to get snapped up.

    wow i'd love the deblob 2 poster. Are they on sale anywhere.

      Agreed, both deBlob artworks are fantastic!

    I never really liked De Blob. Kinda not surprised it never did so well.

    It was a kids game, so they spent a fortune making it multiplatform... Yeah... wonder why they went under...

      It's not really a kids game, sure it's presentation is kiddeh friendly, but the gameplay does have it's moments.

      There are variety of enemy types that each have their own weakness, plus there are minor puzzle elements were you need to be the right colour. So there is some nice planning involved to pick the right colour when needed.

      I don't regret any second I spent with deBlob, fun story, fun gameplay.

    Cool, really like the Pilot by Terry Lane.

    That guy is an amazing artist. He was the Art Lead / Manager there, when I was working there many years ago now.

    Awesome. Good luck all!

    Richie Lyons could just about do a coffee-table book by now.

    What about the designers and coders...

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