This Is What Happens When You Get A Cookie Stuck In Your Xbox 360

Once Upon A Monster is the kind of game that almost makes me want to procreate, just so I can play this game without any semblance of shame or repercussion. There is no gameplay in this trailer, but it is hilarious and it does feature my favourite Sesame Street character of all time -- the Cookie Monster.


    *Prays that a 'Make your own Muppet Show' game follows.*

    :) Luckily I do have a little kid who might be getting a 360 for his 2nd birthday now. Facilitating play is the Steiner way! (Actually, if we go Steiner they might burn me at a stake)

      I don't think their is a might about it. You will be publically flogged as a paraiah, then burnt at the stake while they sit in a circle around you thanking the earth for what it has provided for them.

        I'm thinking Wicker Man but with more felting

          you say that, but i used to go to steiner, and a common song we used to have to sing was "summer was icumen in", aka the song from the end of the wicker man....

    When my demon spawn is born, you can come be Uncle Serrels if you like, then you can play guilt free!

    You're the worst cookie monster!

    This game is gonna be great.

    Oh man... Cookie Monster still makes me laugh.

    Hope Cookie Monster doesn't get the Red Ring of Death from that (be here all week, try the veal)

      Waldorf: "Good greif!"

      Statler: "And we though the bear was bad!"


    That was awesome.

    Abandon shame, it only holds you back and being able to play a kids game by yourself is WAY cheaper than having a kid

    Is Frank Oz no longer the voice?

      I think most of the voices are weak nowadays. I just watch "Follow that Bird" the other day and it was so much better.

        To be fair, they're making a living IMITATING someone who FAKED a voice.

        THAT requires hard work, even if they're not perfect!
        (Cases like A.J for BTTF? RARE AS HELL.)

    I thought for a second that Seamus was making an appearance on sesame St....

    I cracked up laughing when he actually started eating the XBox. lol

      Yeah, and his reaction was one of "oh dear, tsk tsk". Gold.

    Hold on, the 5 second rule only applies if you don't have any pets. Doesn't Cookie Monster count as a pet (or at least, an animal)?

      Not in my house. If it still looks good, it gets eaten. Feline and Pomeranian hair removed if necessary. No cookie is spared.

    "You got your cookie in my XBox".

    Epic "that's what she said".

    Kotaku US ripped this off on Sept 1st, no AU credit.

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