This PlayStation Move Knock-Off Completely Misses The Point

Hong Kong electronics distributor FirstSing claims to have the world's first third-party PlayStation Move controller for sale, and it might; I just don't see anyone actually purchasing it to find out.

A cursory glance of the FirstSing FS18156 First Third-party Move Motion Navigation Controller suggests that it is exactly what people look for in a shoddy knock-off: odd colour, cheap plastic, use of logos that don't belong to them. Where it fails is price. See, a low-quality third-party knock-off is generally cheaper than the real thing. At first $US44.80 seems like a great price, considering the equivalent Move and navigation controller run about $US80 here in the US. Fortunately we don't have to pay $US60 shipping when we buy from US retail outlets, an added fee that brings the grand total for this device to about $US105, $US25 more than just picking them up at the shop.

Well at least they got first.

FirstSing FS18156 First Third-party Move Motion Navigation Controller [FirstSing]


    Of course the world revolves around Americans...

      Um, I think this article is origanally from the US version of Kotaku so it is relevant to discuss the price is USD and the shipping to the U.S. Where is he going to talk about shipping it to? Panhg-oh Panhg-goh? But you just wanted an opportunity to hate on America, so I apologize for bringing this to your attention.

        I'm aware that it's from the US version of kotaku, but saying that it "completely misses the point" is a bit far, especially since the only criticism in the article is of the shipping cost. There is no critique of the actual performance of the product, not to mention that this is a product of HONG KONG, not the US.

    I can understand a 3rd party Move knock off missing the point when most of us still don't see the point of the actual 1st part Move...


      The only time I considered buying one was when they Time Crisis game came out. I considered it for all of 3 seconds, I then laughed at my own stupidity.

    It's a 3rd party knock off of a 3rd party knock off Wii-Mote!

    What does that make it?

    4th party knock off? 6th?

    Eh, ozgameshop has the Move Starter kit for about $50 these days with free shipping.

    The ping pong ball isn't even properly round.

    I bet that's gonna produce dodgy results since the size of the ball is used for z-depth.

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