Toy Soldiers: Cold War Is The Perfect Game For Our Stupidest War

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Is The Perfect Game For Our Stupidest War

Great wars deserve great video games. Or something.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. But I do know that the Cold War — a war of cheesy movies, ridiculous potential world-ending brinksmanship and, oh yeah, the meddling in the affairs of most of the nations on this earth — deserves an absurd video game. It gets one in the surprisingly sharp and very fun new downloadable Xbox 360 game Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

As I show in the eight minute video I’ve made for you, Cold War is an impressively deep evolution of Signal Studio’s 2009 World War I period piece Toy Soldiers. This is a tower defence game. This is a game about placing the right turrets in the right place to defeat waves of enemies. This is also a formula being tweaked to encourage the player to be more directly involved in what is typically a strategic, no-hands-dirty genre. And this is, on top of all that, a skewering of how stupid Rambo was and how cheesy Top Gun was. Those aren’t hard targets to aim for. But they’re targets deserving of a takedown anyway.

Enjoy the video. And, if you have an Xbox 360, get the game when it’s available for download this week. It’s the final act of what has been an excellent Summer of Arcade.

(Alternate version of this story: Hey everyone, the theme song for Toy Soldiers: Cold War sounds like the theme song for Top Gun, and I think I can convince you of that within the first minute of this video!)


  • While the amount of new features was pretty small, really, Toy Soldiers (original) never got old and for the asking prices I’ll gladly upgrade. (Heck, I’d buy these games retail)

  • I’d gladly pay $100 for this game. The original is one of THE best titles on 360, and THE best atmosphere/presentations of WW1 I’ve ever seen (clockwork asides)

    Really can’t wait to tuck into this, though of course it’s a whole lot more silly fun than the original, since it’s not completely based on the most horrible war in human history.

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