Ubisoft Ports Ezio, Pac-Man To The Post-It Note Platform

There's a war going on in Paris, and despite the lessons we've learned from video games that war never changes, this is the first war I'm aware of that is being waged with Post-It Notes. On one side is Ubisoft's Paris HQ. And the other is French bank called BNP, each trying to one-up the other with video-game characters turned into Post-It Notes.

This fracas started back in May, according to a Ubisoft spokesperson. "A gal in our Paris office decided to decorate her windows back in May and made a post-it image from Space Invaders. One or two other people there thought that was cool, so they did some images as well. It took a few weeks but apparently someone from the BNP Paribas headquarters (a bank) across the street is a video game fan so he did one of his own. And thus the war began."

The French media has been all over this. So has gaming message board Gameoover, which chronicled the first salvos. I'm told that the conflict is now spreading throughout Paris, but today I'm only bringing you fresh images from the Ubisoft propaganda Twitter feed. Can anyone figure out what that gold-Metroid-looking thing is supposed to be?

I asked Ubisoft what will make this war stop. "No idea," a company rep said. "We're letting the team run with it and it will end whenever it ends. Or, maybe when we run out of windows! However, some of the original designs have already been taken down to make way for newer better ones."

If you're in Paris and are seeing more signs of the ongoing #postitwar, please post them here. It appears that this site is running a lot of the resulting PostIt War and the ancillary skirmishes that followed, but my French is awful, so I'm not 100 per cent sure.


    What is this, the 80s? The pixelation is terrible!

    This is obviously the most extreme (but not entirely unanticipated) conclusion to Ubi's DRM policy - Now they are porting their IP to Windows in such a way that you have to be in their office to play... and require a staff member for every display refresh!

    God help anyone trying to exit Assassins Creed on Windows!

    "Can anyone figure out what that gold-Metroid-looking thing is supposed to be?"

    It looks like an old Mattel Shogun Warrior Grandizer toy I had in the 70's as a kid. http://www.wildtoys.com/shogun/Shog2in1/2in1grandizer.jpg

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