What Is Saints Row Money Shot?

In the grand tradition of the Classification Board leaking video games before they've been officially announced, we've just found this: an official classification for Saints Row Money Shot.

Saints Row Money Shot is most likely some sort of downloadable content for the upcoming Saints Row 3. Gaming blog Dualshock Nexus had uncovered what looked like leaked screenshots for Money Shot late last week, but this classification appears to be confirmation of its existence.

According to the Dualshock Nexus story, Money Shot will cost 800 MS points, but we're currently waiting on the official word from THQ on the release date.

More news as we get it.


    I'd guess it will probably be similar to the downloadable 'case 0' for Dead rising 2.

    I bet you anything that it will be a game to build hype in the style of Professor whats-his-face...

    Top-down twin-stick downloadable game, a-la Red Faction Battlegrounds and Warhammer 40K: Kill Team (both THQ as well).

      Yeah, wouldn't surprise me if it didn't borrow alot from either one of these in someway.

    My money's on a XBLA/PSN/iOS mini-game.

    I'm going to guess platformer/visual novel hybrid, because on the off-chance I'm right I'm going to look like a *genius*.

    I've seen details of this on another gaming website (I can't remember witch one). It's apparently a 3rd person shooter like the SR games but you play as an assassin for Ultor (with heaps of high-tech guns made by Ultor) that is hired do kill people around stillwater.

      If its something like that then I'm in - if its a top down shooter then I'll wretch

    Maybe it's the character creator for the game. I'm sure I read somewhere that Volition would release DLC prior to the games release where you could create your SR3 character using the same customisation system in the main game.

    So where is our R18+ classification now?

      Still processing you impatient smartarse.

    Demo/intro to SR3 wherein they pull the intro bank robbery? Money + shot = robbery right?

    I remember a while ago one of the devs said they will be releasing a thing before the game comes out where u can design your own saints characters. this may be it

    This is Saints Row Money Shot - unreleased Xbox Live Arcade leak

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