Who Wants To Be A Gun-Toting, Zombie-Killing Stripper?

Naked Terror, the first of two exclusive levels for House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut for the PlayStation 3, transforms the players from a pair of foul-mouthed men of action into a couple of scantily clad adult entertainment workers.

The Naked Terror level fills in a gap in the House of the Dead: Overkill story, explaining how voluptuous stripper Varla Gunns is introduced to the zombie hordes rampaging through Bayou City. Of course since Varla hasn't met heroes Agent G and Detective Isaac Washington yet, the once-NPC has to team up with her stripper friend, the obviously-named Candy, in order to make co-op play possible.

The level will take two pretty, pretty players through Varla and Candy's strip club, out onto the streets of Bayou City, and into a bar, guns blazing with every on-rails step they take.

The PlayStation Move works as a virtual stripper pole, but only in the game I'm making up in my head as I write this.

Check out these screens of Naked Terror, and stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for the reveal of exclusive level number two.

House of the Dead: OVERKILL - Naked Terror Revealed [PlayStation Blog]


    Might actually get this, even though I already own the Wii original.

    Seems odd to me that the character silhouettes featured in the HUD are quite obviously men...

      Well the game's still in Development.

    yeah, this is looking like a must have

    Meh, the improved graphics ruin the old arcade feel that reminds me of lining up to play HotD 2 when I was knee-high to a duck.

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