World Of Warcraft Gaming Mouse Gets Legendary Downgrade

In World of Warcraft a legendary item is a piece of equipment of extreme rarity and power, a virtual status symbol for those that harness its powers. In SteelSeries gaming mouse parlance, legendary means cheaper with less buttons.

The original and Cataclysm editions of the World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse were lovely devices, large, bulky, and sprouting buttons like weeds. So large and sprouting so many buttons that many players found it was too unwieldy and complicated. SteelSeries counters these complaints with the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition.

By losing three of the 14 buttons SteelSeries was able to create a smaller, sleeker, and potentially sexier version of its WoW gaming mouse, while still maintaining the programmable buttons and trademark glow of its predecessors.

"We've established an incredible partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and the amazing World of Warcraft community. We've taken all the excellent suggestions and feedback we've received, merged it with the latest gaming technology, and come up with a truly unique lineup of MMO Mice for World of Warcraft players." said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. "The new Legendary Edition allows us to meet the needs of gamers looking for a smaller, less complex gaming mouse that delivers the same impressive functionality found in the original and Cataclysm versions."

Look for the Legendary Edition to hit stores and online retailers next month.

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    If it's anything like the other steel series mice, it'll have buttons that melt from body temperature, come with the paint already flaking off, have drivers that rarely work, and if they do, don't work with the in-game mouse functions. Steelseries has a long history among wow players of being one of the worse choices blizzard ever made(yeah, that bad). The fact they'd make a mouse with less buttons for a game that's forever requiring more buttons isn't suprising.

    My advice is spend the money on a good razer or logitech mouse, even if you're a die hard wow fan who wants every bit of merc you can get.

      Thank you! So glad to see I'm not the only one with these exact issues. I will never buy a steelseries product ever again, bloody over priced and built to the quality of a milk bottle.

      Also agree on Razer, been using there Lycosa and Nostromo and have had no dramas and both are comfortable. Next up is a decent Razer mouse.

    I keep my G9 and RAT7 methinks.

    This is butt-ugly.

    Maybe if it was a Razer mouse i'd be half interested. I'm happy with my Mamba, even if the firmware is still dodgy lol.

    g13 and mx518 does me fine and dandy

      Staying with my mx518 as well!

    I'm still impressed with my razer naga for tanking on wow. I literally only move with aswd and do everything else with my right thumb. Hands down - razer naga = the bomb, its awesome for anything else too.

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