You've Never Played Tetris Like This Before

This game is called First-Person Tetris, which perhaps isn't quite the best description of what's going on here, but still... you must play it. Especially the 'Existential Crisis' mode, which may just make your synapses collapse and beg for mercy.

Essentially what is going on is the screen rotates as you rotate each Tetris piece. When you crank it into Existential Mode however, your perspective becomes even more claustrophobic and things get a little more complex!

Argh... my brain!


    You know, actual first person Tetris, where you see everything from the perspective of a given side of a block, actually would be interesting. Someone should actually make that, now.

      I remember playing it on my 68k Mac quite a bit.

        Just realised you meant from the block's perspective. That would be interesting. Though I think it would also be incredibly difficult given that you're falling straight toward them so getting an idea of relative height is quite hard.

          Look into the old DOS game BlockOut. It solved this problem by colour coding according to the height of the placed block (and by making non-placed blocks transparent).

    I remember this one!
    I played it once in the wee hours after a night on the town.


    Thanks for giving me a migraine Serrels!

    So much...rotating.... So...dizzy...

    Actually I HAVE played Tetris like that before... Back in Janurary... of 2010, when this was first posted on Kotaku.

    Slow new day or what?

      Definitely not a slow news day. Have you read the rest of the site.

      The existential mode is new.

        Ah, so the excuse is that you're just too busy to take time (took me 45 seconds) to check if some gimmicky little flash game that's close to two years old has been posted about while there's "real news" flooding in? Okay Mark. No sweat.

          Wow... what's the big deal? Woke up on the wrong side of bed? Mark's sharing something he found that was fun. I didn't see it when it was posted almost two years ago, by the sounds of it, not many people commenting did either.

          Thanks for sharing Mark.

          Seriously, who cares?

    Existential crisis mode ==".....dear god

    yea, like time it came up on Kotaku =P my head hurts =S

    You call this tetris? You can't even t-spin or it borks up and throws the t piece out and auto sticks, what the fuck?

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