3 Out Of 10 Xbox 360 Gamers Now Also Zynga Gamers

3 Out Of 10 Xbox 360 Gamers Now Also Zynga Gamers

Do Halo fanatics secretly want to farm? Or do CityVille architects just want to get on the Kinect?

Somehow, some-way, the number of people who play both Xbox 360 and Zynga games is rising sharply, according to research group Raptr, which claims to track more than 10 million gamers across multiple machines. They say that 30 percent of Xbox 360 players now also have played a Zynga game, up from 20 per cent just a year ago.

The worlds are merging, people. Mums who love FarmVille, sons who love Xbox Live Call of Duty, boys who love Empires & Allies, folks who play Dance Central… soon they’ll all be the same human being.

Every stat has an asterisk, though… Raptr defines Xbox 360 and Zynga users as people who have played games of either type once.

There were other numbers released by Raptr today as part of a big study of Zynga that make the company look great and the people who play the games look a bit scary (come on, you know it’s true, Zynga fans).

CityVille players can contain themselves to playing just 5.4 minutes of the game a day, but they play it eight times a day! Empires & Allies players do them one better(worse) and play 11 times a day.

That’s… dedication.


The full study is available in PDF format via the link below.

Raptr Report – Zynga Games Rival Core Games In Total Playtime, Franchise Strength

Top photo: Halo Reach/Halo Waypoint community photo


  • Are we certain it’s xbox gamers… and not xbox owners?

    Im sure there’s a percentage of people who only have theirs for foxtel, skype, netflix, hulu, kinect chat, et all.

  • Given that UNO is one of the biggest downloads on XBLA this is completely unsurprising – there is a casual audience on the console, hell even my wife played Peggle and Monopoly Streets on the xbox if not much else!

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