BioWare Offers This Sneak Peak At Liara's Figure In Exchange For Your Feedback

BioWare tossed up three images of Mass Effect's Liara in Kotobukiya Bushoujo statue form. Unpainted, unfinished, but they want feedback. So check out the three images and then complain here, or go provide it at the game's official Facebook page.

No word when this will go on sale, only that a preorder announcement is expected "soon."

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    lol err I think the rack may be a bit overdone

      Racks too big, legs too long, and face barely looks like her. Back to the drawing board guys, and pull your pants up while you remake the next iteration.

    if they add Kogal dlc to it then the transformation to Japanese sell out will be complete... There was really nothing wrong with her to begin with

    iknow this is only a tie in statue, but i wonder if they'll do a doujinish (spelling) tie in comc book haha

    yeah.....i dont think i like this whole "give us your feedback and we will go through changing our characters looks based on what randoms on the net are saying" thing that bioware have got going at the moment, liara was fine as she was, your the guys making the game, just make the decision and stop trying to please 30 different parties, because in the end your just going to annoy more people than not

    looks nothing like her.

    I have a question though. why are they asking us what we think after 2 games already? Is it because she went and got her boobs done.. what are they now DDDDD?

    I don't remember Liara being so.... breasty.
    No complaints though ;)

    Note for everyone commenting on her design, the bishoujo line of figures from kotobukiya are designed by shunya yamashita so all carry his signature look. So it has nothing to do with how bioware designed her but how kotobukiya sculpt her.

    Asides Kotobukiya's bishoujo's line suffer from crappy QA and are pretty different from their concepts.

    If she looks like that in the game I will be disappointed. Not even the dame face.

    Bioware, learn to do breasts. Actually you need to a whole course in anatomy.

    The worlds you create are vivid and believable but the immersion is broken by the fact that they are populated people with ridiculous bodies. Even elderly women in your games have a figure that'd make a Barbie doll jealous.

      Blame futuristic space-cosmetics! They inject nano-bots at birth that keep you firm and well rounded till the day you die.

      Interesting side point - since their introduction the question of open/closed casket funerals has become a hotly debated topic.

        Well, with breasts that big, i think Liara would probably need an open casket....

      Ironic, Did you know they are docotors that original made medical software. 'BIO'ware

    Guys... this isn't Bioware's design for Liara in the game. It's an overly sexualised Bishoujo statue designed by Kotobukiya, based off of Liara's models from the game. See their Marvel Heroines series for other examples.

    Bioware are seeking feedback on the statue design. This is not how she will appear in the game.

    Not only is this way too brazen and over the top, but I'm getting really over Bioware's obsession with using Facebook as a way to shape the game. I used to be interested in Mass Effect 3, but now I know the whole game will be overly sexualised and catering to the lowest common denominator (ie Facebook) I'm really not interested anymore.

      Errrrr... you did notice that most of facebook was also compaining that it was over sexualized and crap looking right?

    Why does everyone keep ignoring the comments saying that this isn't a bioware thing and doesn't have any impact on the game design. It's a third party item that bioware are pimping, but it's not bioware.

    The asari have found the genetic code of Pamela anderson

    Typical over-sexualised creepy Japanese statue.

    BioWare in name only.

    Fap fap fap

    That should be "bishoujo" instead of bushoujo.

    Is Mass Effect being turned into an anime?

    I only have 3 words: Dragon Age II


    Looks pretty stupid to me. She isn't an anime character lol

    The rack is PERFECT. Everything else is very anime styled, which is typical considering who did it and why they did it.

    Also seriously... BOOBS. I love them, whats your guys problem?

    I like boobs.

    Love it ill buy 20 for my shop, and i think they will be a seller as they look amazing and i know fans will rave at it, good job

    The bust is too Large and her head sculpt looks nothing like Liara. My shepard cheated on Liara with Tali on ME2 I've always felt bad about that.

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