Mass Effect 3 Screens Show BroShep Killing Alien Types

You'd think after all the hullabaloo about FemShep, the female version of Mass Effect 3's "Shepherd" main character, that BioWare would release some screenshots showing the new fan-picked blonde model shooting some aliens in the mandibles. But nope! It's hunky ol' BroShep instead.


    That geth could stand to lose some weight.

    Seriously, shouldn't it be 'He-Shep'?

      He-Shep Defender of The Universe!

    GUYShep perhaps?

    All I can think of is how perhaps, like femshep, they should make Shep look like a 19 year old twilight character. That way he could've stop Saren when he was 16 just like the new femshep.

    Hell make the whole crew 19 years old, Doc can be about 28 to make up the age difference as it stood. The Illusive Man can be 35 and played by Ryan Reynolds. It'll be great.

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