Dead Island DLC Shambles Forth Later This Month

Here's something I didn't know: Those who pre-ordered Dead Island got a code for free DLC, which includes the "Bloodbath Arena" and a weapon called "the Ripper". They just can't use the Arena until it releases for everyone, evidently.

That will be "later this month," says publisher Techland, with rumour having it around the last week right now. You'll get four maps sending endless waves of undead at you, so, sounds like undead underdome riot.

Bloodbath Arena is $US10 if you didn't get the code with a preorder. The version for sale will not contain the Ripper.

Dead Island DLC Out Within[Eurogamer via Joystiq]


    thats alright, better than paying.

    Pre-ordered from ozgameshop, still waiting for it, so I hope theres a code inside.

    It said it on Steam.

    "Preorder and get the ripper, plus get the Bloodbath arena DLC for free when it releases after launch!"

    I got moist whenever im thinking about CoD map pack, i just felt compelled to give em more money.

    Useless game does not save, dont but this piece of shit

      Playing on pc. Autosaves fine.

      Naww, seems like someone got shanked at the DEV build. Redownload it you fucking sook.

      lol obviously you didn't bother to see if there might have been a reason for that. You need to redownload it

    What do you mean it doesn't save. Console it tells the player it autosaves just before the title screen appears. You must have a bogus copy or if on PC it saves differently

    EVERYONE on ps3 and xbox cant play because it wont save our progess. Im very close to returning the game for a refund over this bullshit. How can they sell something that is broken, this is ridiculous

      Guess it could also be said as to how they managed to send out THE DEV copy on Steam at release. Techland really needs to get it's act together

        that and they also found the name feministwhore in the game files. although its really called the sex wars or somethin. ahh its like looking through gtasIII era files

      Got it on launch day for PS3, been playing Co-op with two mates for 6-8 hours, had no trouble loading, saving, or connecting. All of us had one lockup, one guy had two, With no issues picking up where we left off. Hugely fun game overall.


    they should think about fixing the bloody game before releasing any DLC, like the lock up issues and connectivity. Spent 30 minutes last night trying to reconnect to a mate, after my game froze up, and it didnt work. We had to both restart our ps3's to be able to reconnect again. Not to mention the 1.01 patch wiped all my stats, messing up my trophy progress

    Boy am I glad I didn't pay a cent for the game.

    Seems to be consoles having all the issues. PC works fine after the patch.

    I really luv this game, but its totally stuffed. Doesn't load up half the time, audio crackles and multiplayer is still borked after the patch.
    God i hope they bring out the next patch soon or i want a refund.

    Just spent the last hour or so playing the RELOADED version. This game has so much potential but it's as if the devs wanted this game to fail. First up, WHY THE CHROME 4 ENGINE? It sucks! Bloom is always ridiculously excessive and draw distance is horrendously short plus the rest of the issues that come with it.

    Secondly, why does repairing and creating cost money? Where is that money going? If you want a game to have a currency then introduce a character or system for that. Say, an opportunistic survivor with MacGyver-like skills that repairs and creates the items for you, then it makes sense.

    And for the love of all things holy, why item pre-reqs? Sure it works in a fantasy game setting (because there's MAGIC) but in a modern-day zombie game it is out of place and unnecessary.

    Such great potential ruined by the devs. Whether it was just laziness or a lack of talent I don't know but it's a real shame.

      Stop flaunting the fact you pirated the game. We get it. It's not like it takes much effort to go to the pirate bay and install the damn thing. Wow, you're so talented...

      Seriously, no-one cares whether you pirated it or not, so get your head out of your arse before you get banned from the comments section.


        Just thought I'd add what version I was playing so other people who didn't want to drop money on the game without trying it had somewhere to start. Also, one mention of having a pirated version ain't exactly flaunting it...


            Indeed. That is the face people should be pulling when told that this is a full priced game.

            Oh god, the whale has hit Kotaku too...

      I imagine the are weapon pre-reqs so I can't give my modded Gabriels Sledge to a lvl 1 char...

        Oh I get that but it still doesn't fit with the game.

          It's an rpg. Every rpg I have played in forever has prereqs. If you don't like them go and play left for dead.

          The game also uses the chrome engine 5, not 4.

          Basically what your saying is i pirated the game and it was dodgy, so no one should buy the real version.

          Discraceful. This game is fun. People should BUY it.

            I'm saying people should definitely try before they buy. The game might as well still be in beta stages with how bugged it is. The best thing going for it at the moment is that the modding community are going crazy trying to get it working as it should be, shame the developers lack that initiative.

            Also, it doesn't matter what version of Chrome it is, Chrome always has been and always will be cheap and nasty.

            The game tries to be an RPG but fails miserably. The level system is completely redundant because of level scaling. The enemies will ALWAYS be as strong as you. Go back to the starting area at level 20 and there''l be level 20/21 walkers all over the place.
            Why not do away with level requirements for weapons and just have damage scaling to go with the level scaling?
            Why do I need a blueprint to jam some nails into a bat? Why does repairing weapons at a workbench cost money? Who am I paying for that repair? Is my character simply wrapping his weapon in money to repair it?

            There's a massive amount of seriously bad design descisions in this game. Lucky the PC modding community is already hard at work actually making the game it should have been.

              Thank goodness. Someone else sees the light.

    purchased on steam. Liking it a fair bit BUT and thats a big but it has a fair few problems which could have been easily fixed. Not being able to save progress on the fly is annoying esp when you need to go out etc. the auto replace of primary when you pick up alcohol is really annoying amount of times this has occurred and ive then gone to attack a zombie only to drink JD. not being able to cancel side quests is really annoying. have this silly collect alcohol one from like the first few levels of the game. not being able to pick up weapons that you dont have the required level for. Atleast let me put it in the inventory just not wield it or maybe reduce its stats if i do. These things would have been clear if they did a open beta.

    The Alchol thing hit me on the weekend while playing co-op was with a friend raiding a bar to get stuff and suddenly my character fell over was like wtf and my friend was laughing cause i ran up to a 'walker' and just fell over infront him him, like offering a free meal to him.

    Yet many other times picked up alchol with not a single problem ...

    A bit buggy, but i'm liking it.

    Seriously getting tired of dying from kicking beach ball though... maybe i should stop kicking them lol

    The only problem I have with saving is that there's no manual save, so when I want to finish up, I usually screw around for a bit until it autosaves, then I quit.

    Oh, and one time when I saved partway through a quest in the middle of nowhere, and when I reloaded, it dumped me back at the safehouse... :(

      Yeah it was doing that to me as well :(

      I thought it autosaved as you quit out... so i'm a bit worried to see whats missing when i fire it back up tonight

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