Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Its Own PlayStation 3 And A Release Date

Square Enix is releasing the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII in Japan this December. It's called Final Fantasy XIII-2. To commemorate that release, Sony will release a sequel to the PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition.

Releasing alongside Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan will be the PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver.2, pictured above. That Lightning-struck limited edition PS3, packing a 320GB hard drive for 37960 yen, arrives in Japan on December 15, the same day the role-playing game ships.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 then comes to North America on January 31, 2012 and Europe on February 3, 2012.


    Was there really a large audience of people begging for a FF13-2 PS3?

      I'm not sure if Japan was put off by the game, but FFXIII sold over 1.5 million in it's first week over there.

      The assumption would be that the majority of the consumers will return for another round.

    Not a big fan of FF13.. but that... that is SEXY

    I heard that they changed the UI for this version of the PS3 so that you have to grind through 20 hours of straight corridors before you can access any games.

    FF13 graphically was impressive but gameplay .... very dull

    Wait... they made a full FF13-2-V-WTF before they even finished FF13 Versus?

    Wtf indeed...

    Announce KH3 already & bring out a KH themed PS3........or 360, or Wii U.......or wateva its gonna be released on, & i'll definetly buy that!

      let them actually start writing the script on kh3 b4 u start asking for it jeez haha

    I still cant believe Square-Enix is actually spending millions on a sequal to the most loathed Final Fantasy game in the series! And to hear them talking of making Final Fantasy VIII-3 is mind boggling - I think Final Fantasy really did end when Mistwalker was formed...

      They are making a massive attempt at addressing the concerns people had with 13 though. It could be the XIII we wanted to begin with. Just wait and see.

    Looks like i'm holding out on buying a PS3 until December then. Very sexy.

    I was going to go pick up a PS3 from Big W because my old one got fried, I have always wanted one of these limited editions and this one looks lovely, can never afford it second hand off ebay but the retail price, this is a deal I can hold off playing PS3 until december happily if this is the prize :)

    FFXIII custome was better but Tales of Xillia pwns all.

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