Four Years Later, Crysis Comes To Console

Yes, but can your console run Crysis?

There's been talk of this happening for years (no surprise, given the fact the game is four years old!), but it's finally happening: PC benchmark Crysis is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

It'll be out next month (talk about short notice!), and has a few new features courtesy of developers Crytek's advances over the past four years, including new lighting and new effects.

The clip above is showing the 360 version, and for the 360 version, it looks pretty damn good. Not top of the range PC good, but then, an Xbox 360 isn't a top of the range PC.


    People still play Crysis?!

      On PC Crysis is used purely for the engine, the majority of its population is made up in mods like MWLL.

    The game being "4 years old" is almost irrelevant. The hardware on consoles is 6 years old. This almost proves that consoles could have done Crysis all along except no one could be bothered. (I say almost because there has been some progress through developers learning how to use the hardware properly.)

      Well technically no, because this uses their new Crytek engine 3, which has been specifically designed for consoles.

      Not true, the original build that was released in 2007 had no hope of running on consoles. Its taken until the release of Cryengine 3 with all of its console optimising techniques to port the game with decent appearance - even then it is still unlikely to show its full graphics.

    I think some PC gamers are gonna rage

      Why would we*? We've been playing it for 4 years now

      *It should be pointed out I have a 360 & PS3 as well, I just go for the PC versions where possible

    I bought this game for $3.74 USD from Steam, but this announcement still excites me. Even though it's going to be 40 or 50 bucks, still very happy to hear about this.

    cant wait to see the comparisons

    Its brilliant that its finally arriving. ive met many people who missed out on it. its a great game and one definately worth the play. I hope warhead comes withit that was an excellent expansion aswell

    No doubt it was made to Xbox's potential then ported to PS3 with no improvements, as with every game.

      As with 99% of games. Does Sony occasionally pay studios to put extra effort in for the 1% games that are PS3 enhanced? Why would studios bother if Sony doesn't pay to either boast or sway the multisystem users?

      I aassume your joking given the fact the original version couldn't run on pc either.

      Funny thing with Xbox development. Microsoft reserves the right to cockblock your game if you give a competitor console more stuff or better anything.

      Some of us just can't play fairly. 'tis sad.

    Is it a full price release, in the budget 'hd remake' kind of pricerange or a giant downloadable xbla/psn game?

    Is this a first? That the sequel gets released before the original? lol.

      no, take Final Fantasy as a point of reference.

      Evidently, you were born after 2007.

    According to xbox360achievements, its going to be an XBLA/PSN title for 1600ms points or whatever that converts to in real money (20 bucks I think)

    Definitely value for money for people who've not played it

    I... might actually pick it up, even though I've already got it on PC. I imagine swapping suit powers will be easier than on a keyboard (I could never get comfortable doing that...).

      Use your mouse like everyone else? Seriously though, boring game. The engine was impressive four years ago but the campaign was nothing special and the art style sucked.

        Yeah, I wouldn't exactly recommend this hasn't to people, though I actually loved warhead.

        Do we know if this is an identical port?

    I'm going to be positive on this topic because at least now console players can see how much better the original Crysis was compared to it's underwhelming Sequel

      problem is they have to make this even more underwhelming just to make it work on console..
      i-e terrible console controls (fps should be thrown away on console, seriously) without extra buttons for things like crouching/prone/nanosuit

      then ofcourse the main point of crysis was graphics, and from comparisons i've seen, it looks like crysis on low/med with a few newer effects, still, i could run it on my 8800gt years ago and it looked way better.

      i honastly wonder if this is a bit of a joke within crytek, they must know the game is going to play terribly on console.

    To those console fanboys calling out that the "4 years are irrelevant if the console hardware hasn't changed". Take a look at this comparison between the pc and console versions (source: reddit).

    Crysis 1 > 2

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