From 4Chan To Evil Dead: The Secrets Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Revealed

As I mentioned in my review, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game that comes to life in its details. The team at Eidos Montreal has shown a rare attention to detail and and willingness to engage in fan-service, filling the game with a nigh-on unprecedented number of hidden sight gags and easter eggs.

They're found in notes and emails, books and videos, corporate symbols, obscure dialogue references, and often in plain sight. In this post, I've collected some of my and the other Kotaku editors' favourites. A few of these contain minor spoilers, but nothing too major, plot-wise.

There are, of course, dozens more in the game, and so I hope you'll share your favourites in the comments.

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Nigerian Email Scams At this point, it's become a cliché to put fake Nigerian email scams into in-game inboxes. But DXHR has some fun with the trope, introducing the fraud emails early in the game but later having an administrator come down furiously on his employees for possibly falling for them. Heh.

Thank You For Your Cooperation One could almost call the entirety of Deus Ex: Human Revolution a shoutout to Paul Veerhoeven's classic Sci-Fi flick RoboCop… A Detroit police officer gets his shit wrecked, is reborn and augmented to be part man part machine… fights evil corporations, lumbering robots…

This conversation, overheard in the Detroit Police Department, is a cute reference to the film.

"Look at this guy. I think we were just talking about you, pal."

Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart. In a nod to the game's Michigan setting, the name of the convenience store in the gas station outside the LIMB Clinic in Detroit is "S-Mart", the same store where Ash Williams works in the Michigan-based Evil Dead films. Sam Rami would be proud.

Welcome to Black Mesa In one of the later levels (and one of my favourite levels), Jensen is tasked with infiltrating the Omega Ranch research lab and tracking down some important individuals. On one of the computers, the following message can be found:

A reminder to all Omega Ranch personnel: Regular radiation and bio-hazard screenings are a requirement of continued employment at the Omega Ranch research facility. Missing a scheduled urinalysis or radiation check-up is ground for immediate termination. If you feel you have been exploded to radioactive or other hazardous materials in the course of your duties, contact your radiation safety officer immediately. Work safe, work smart, your future depends on it.

- Omega Ranch Administration

Half-Life Fans will recognise that as a direct lift from the opening tram sequence in Half-Life, except with "Black Mesa" replaced by "Omega Ranch". Good one, Eidos.

(Thanks Brendan Keogh for catching this one.)

Buy Now, Pay Later It's hard to miss the vague aseptic menace of the LIMB Clinics, and that menace is never clearer than in the LIMB Ad above: "Get Augmentations Now, Pay Later."

Pay later, indeed…

This is #Chan. Smash the State!

In the midst of the missions in China are a couple of fun references to 4Chan. An informant from the LIMB clinic shows up wearing a #Chan hat, which without the shift key would be... 3Chan.

An email found shortly afterwards comes from [email protected] "Anonymous", of course, is a reference to the now-infamous hacking group, and the "Chan" refers once again to 4Chan. "Smash the State" is a callback to the first Deus Ex—it's the password that the NSF is using on the first level on Liberty Island.

Final Fantasy, Still Going Strong One of the more well-known easter eggs is the poster for Final Fantasy XXVII on the wall in Pritchard's Tech Lab.

Given that DXHR takes place in the year 2027, that means that there have been an additional 13 numbered Final Fantasy games in the 16 years between now and then.

Hmm… that puts Square Enix on pace to release almost one numbered FF game a year between now and then, with only a couple of years off for Tactics games and kart-racers.

Could this be a hint about the future of the franchise?

Well, no, probably not.

Forever Alone

Located on a number of post-it notes around the offices of DXHR are drawings of one of the characters from the meme-tastic web comic "Forever Alone".

Someone Sure Had a Party I found this one via Steam, and so was not fortunate enough to stumble upon it myself. But apparently, if you punch through a wall in the sewers near The Hive in China, you'll find evidence of a fairly involved romantic engagement.

David Sarif's Office David Sarif's office is one of the more detailed locations in the game, and a couple of small bits stick out. A book laying around is called "Daedalus Complex", which is a not-so-subtle nod to Sarif's tendencies to use his great mind to improve the world around him.

Of course, the mythological character Daedalus is perhaps best known for building wings for his son Icarus, helping him fly a little too high. Given the wing on Sarif's company logo and the fact that he constantly refers to Jensen as "Son", the symbolism here is pretty clear.

Also, Sarif has a groovy "DX" hat laying down by his desk, which I'm guessing looks like the actual Deus Ex hats that the team wears. And while I don't know what "The Planet of the Cakes" is, the guy's got enough copies lying around that it must mean something.

Working QR Codes Strewn about the Sarif Industries warehouse in the first level are QR codes, which apparently actually work. I haven't been able to get my phone to read them, but it sounds like they lead to a number of websites and online clues about various aspects of the DXHR universe. We'll have to investigate this one further, but if you've headed down the rabbit hole, let us know what you found?

Mr Denton, I Presume Among the references to the original Deus Ex (including plenty of emails from a certain FEMA official named Manderley) is an email found in the late game addressed to a "JC" in engineering. Poor guy has gone from being a vital cog in a plan for world domination to… a glorified Mr. Fix-it, reprimanded by his boss via email.

The bigger they are…

The Broken Mirror of Emotionally Tortured Protagonists One of my favourite touches in the game is found early on in Adam Jensen's apartment.

Jensen is a hard-to-read fellow, delivering his lines in an gravelly monotone and keeping his emotions close to the vest. But that gruff exterior hides unseen anguish regarding his involuntary augmentations, as evidenced by his smashed mirror and the sad note attached:

Call landlord re: replacement mirror. Again.

Oh, Adam.


    Please learn something about memes and the Internet before commenting on memes and the Internet. Next article.

    The first keycoded door you encounter in Deus Ex is 0451. At the start of Deus Ex HR Sariff tells you to take his elevator the code is 0451

    In a late game cutscene, shortly after the third boss fight, one of the stories on the TV news's ticker is "Pirates sighted off coast of Tortuga"

    There's quite a lot of jokes in the tickers, but that's by far my favourite.

    Don't forget the Demolition Man ref... ;)

    Did anyone mention 'Foxiest of the Hounds' achievement being a nod to Metal Gear Solid's FOXHOUND?

    I'm still working my waY through, have just left the riots behind. Back in Jensen's office during the riots he receives an email (and there's a couple others on other computers) about all the "office thefts" that have been going on. I whistled innocently and walked away, totally hadn't hacked everybody's office and stolen their stuff.

    At one point mid-to-late in the game, there's an email exchange between 'Brent Stuart' and 'Pat Spinner'.

    Almost certainly a play on Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner from Star Trek TNG.

    Here are a few extras:


    when you go to Picus to find Eliza Casan the first room you find here is in room 404 where you discover she is not there and a hologram. - a refrence to the 404 site not found error.

    next you go to find her on a lower floor as you travel down the elevator prichart discusses that she is hiding in the broadcast room and makes a refrence to 802.11 -the broadcast frequency used in WIFI.

    in the White room you find megan in, there is a gramaphone that plays the original deus ex theme.

    the monitor rainbow in pricharts office is based on a photo that has done the rounds on the web countless times.

    Don't forget Gregory H. Liu M.D. :) I think I saw that name in one of the email. :D

    According to a few emails I found at Tai Young Medical, Kevin Mitnick (former hacker) is their computer security guy.

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