Eidos Montreal: Thief 4 Has To Be At Least As Good As Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Eidos Montreal: Thief 4 Has To Be At Least As Good As Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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Success, commercial and critical, is a positive thing — but it also comes with pressure. So when Eidos Montreal did such a great job with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, expectations were instantly raised for their next title — Thief 4.

“The success of Deus Ex put two things in perspective for us,” said Stephane D’Astous, boss of Eidos Montreal, speaking to OXM. “Our second game needs to be as good or better than Deus Ex, and it gave a lot of credibility to the studio. Putting a successful game under your belt brings more confidence and credibility, and less red tape. We don’t want to be seen as a one trick pony.”

The pressure was already on for Thief 4, now it must feel astronomical. It seems like good pressure though — the pressure to maintain the high level Eidos Montreal produced for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The team intends to deliver, creating a broader experience consistent with previous games in the series.

“In Deus Ex, we really wanted to give different options in how to play, and we will want to bring a certain level of that to Thief,” continued D’Astous. “I think if people spend $60 on a game, they want more than corridor shoot shoot, corridor shoot shot. People are asking for a little more, so give them the choice of how they want to play.”

I like the sound of that.

Thief 4 “needs to be as good as or better than Deus Ex” – Eidos Montreal [OXM]


  • Never played any Thief games but it sounds like these guys know what they’re doing. Might be giving this a looksee!

  • Here’s hoping Deus Ex 4 is in the works too. They can take their time, though. Just as long as it happens eventually. (And develop the boss fights yourselves, damn it! :P)

  • The first step toward making this game ‘at least as good as’ Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not calling it Thi4f.

    • I also think every member of the design team should play through the first two Thief games before even STARTING on the design for this one.

      And hope to god they ignore the dumbed down console-oriented third game.

      • There’s nothing particularly wrong with Deadly Shadows. The levels are a bit on the small side due to Ion Storm’s hamstrung engine, but the actual gameplay is more or less on par with the previous titles.

        It also has Shalebridge Cradle which is good enough to look past any other limitations that might have cropped up.

  • Can’t wait for this.. loved all the Thief titles.. and they definitely need multiple path/choices if it’s going to work as well as the originals.

  • Just dont fuck it up with ‘boss’ battles…

    My copy has been collecting dust since I got stuck on the first ‘boss fight’…

  • “…we really wanted to give different options in how to play, and we will want to bring a certain level of that to Thief.”
    No, you will not want that. You will want to make Thief 4 a pure stealth game with no dilution as it has always been. You will not want to make whoever the protagonist happens to be now a more competent fighter. You will not want to add cutsene based “quick kills” of any form. You will not want to force the player into 3rd person perspective.

    You will not want to screw up Thief.

  • Thief 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. That rooftop level is the best level in a single player game ever.

  • Thank the stars for that – I thought they might of canned the game after not hearing about it for a long while!

  • I’m glad that they are pushing themselves to work harder and smarter on this game – it’s certainly very much wanted. Now, please – get rid of that stupid logo, and deliver.

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