Guy Merges Xbox 360 And PS3 Into One Console

Running out of space for all your consoles? Wish everything would just merge into one? Well, one guy had the idea: after removing the parts from within his PC tower, he took apart his original 80GB PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to turn the two consoles into one.

Surprisingly, it doesn't run as hot as one would imagine: the PS3 is 28.5C and the 360 is 25.5C while idle.

[Reddit] [Gizmodo]


    Read further, Tracey. :P

    "I had actually only turned them on a minute or two before I took the photo, hence why the temperatures were so low. The PS3 idles around 41 degrees and the xbox around 39, thats if both consoles are on at the same time. If the PS3 is on and the Xbox is off it will idle at 38-39, and the Xbox around 37-38."

      Also, when the guy gets around to posting the documentation then we totally need it posted here. Building one of these would be so much fun.

      It's not too bad when it's idle!!! lol

    Oh that's just super handy. I could definitely use one of those to save space.

    I like doing this sort of stuff with old equipment (I built a PC into a TV casing a few years back) but he bought a brand new XBox to put in there - not sure how I'd feel about ripping that apart!

    It could probably do with a bit of tidying up, but nice job nonetheless.

    I saw this on reddit, quite cool. I imagine he has fairly exstensive knowledge of wiring and electronics. This is no weekend hackers job. this guy knows what he is doing. Probably not a good idea if you know very little about Power supply that these consoles require.

      not really, connectors really go in one spot, in one way so its sort of hard to screw up. You just have to make sure no bare connectors are touching bare metal otherwise youll get a short circuit.

      Pretty keen to do something like this, but i'd have to buy a Ps3 and 360 lawl.

        No ones gonna read this so here goes,dude what do you think he did just opened the cases and shoved all the parts i'n a pc case. He has made wiring for it aswell as put a power supply i'n there to power both consoles. Not only does that take Alot of know how it also would be extremely susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Trust me this project is way more difficult than you think.

    Pfft...wheres the wii.

      Back of the closet collecting dust.


        most devices I bought half a decade ago are gathering dust in my closet, my ps3 and xbox that died, for instance :P

    Madman... he's a madman!

    Now, let's put him to work constructing a system that can read both types of games and combine gamerscore and trophies into one amalgamated monstrosity! Who's with me?

    Well I guess its still as portable as the old consoles :)

    Wonder how long it'll be before the lawsuits roll in. People weren't allowed to use Linux on their PS3's, Gotta be something worse about sliding it in right next to the 360.

      But like everyone else, I want one.

    The single greatest difference between PC gaming and console gaming solved - now you need a little itty bitty screwdriver for console gaming too!

      Screwdriver? I think I used a screwdriver once in my last 3 pc builds. It's all snap together and thumb screws these days God bless them!

        And for the motherboard? :P

          Standoffs you can screw in by hand, then thumbscrews for those too.

    I reccomend a Nobel Peace Prize for this man.
    he has taken The System Fanboy and Thrown it out the window.
    A ps3 and xbox 360 Loving hugging inside a PC shell how lovely.

    Bitch, Please.

    Thats kinda impressive, i still prefer the all in one xbox in a brief case.

    Now try to fit in all the Nintendo consoles and you have a console that can play almost any game.

    I like the sound of that.

      You'd need one huge-arse server box to do that. Plus it would be ugly as all hell with all those cartridge slots.

    Buuull Shhiit!!!..the Germans already did it.....

    i love how the temps are "at idle" play something on both of them at the same time and watch it blow up! lol

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