If 1992 Had Limited Edition Consoles...

We started to see limited edition consoles pop up regularly in the late 1990s. They're of course commonplace now. In the early '90s and before, though, they weren't really around, which is where Ricepuppet's console customisation service comes in handy.

He sells commissioned consoles, bearing the theme of the purchaser's choice. Want a Hello Kitty 360? Done! A Disgaea DualShock? Done!

We're interested, though, in his retro consoles, adding a touch of modern flair to ancient consumer hardware. The bolder ones are pretty eye-catching, but there's something about that gold SNES and Sonic Genesis that just does it for me.

[Bleeding Violin, via ALBOTAS]


    Wow that gold one at the bottom looks horrible. xD

    There's potential there, but a lot of the artwork is really sloppy. (e.g. the Zelda logo on the green, black and gold SNES looks like they didn't have the stencil stuck down properly and got some overspray).

    I wouldn't put money down for any of these as they are.


      If that Sonic one were done right I would rock the crap out of it.

    Sonic Adventure on the Megadrive...

    Love the Tonari no Totoro one, :-).

      I'm not familiar with the film (I just did a quick google) but I think that's the worst one here - to me it looks like something a bored kid would do in class!

      (I can see where the art style influence is from, but the use of texta really kills it for me).

        Sorry, I was using the Japanese name.

        Just for clarity - Google should have showed it to you by now - I was talking about My Neighbour Totoro.

          Haha yeah I wasn't very clear in my reply - I found some pictures of it, so I can see what Bleeding Violin was going for, but I really don't think they pulled it off.

    Okay, so it wasn't 1994, but what about this one from 2000?


    ergh, they look pretty bad. Ideas are ok but the method and result just dont translate into goodness for me.

    The face side of the N64 pad looks pretty cool. Odd colour combinations across the board though..

    GBA SPs had special editions, and plenty of them, so that's nothing new or exciting.

    Sonic Adventure was on the Dreamcast derp

    This guy needs more skill for a good sell

    So... What was the first LE?

      I knew a friend who had a Donkey Kong themed Nintendo 64... all crappy orange/green looking...

      so they had them by N64, at least.

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