Japan Gets Official Uncharted 3 Control Pad

On November 2, the same day the game is released, Japan will be getting this fancy, limited edition DualShock 3 bearing the colours and livery of upcoming action game Uncharted 3.

Featuring a two-tone colour scheme with khaki up top and brown down below, the pad also comes with a "map" motif across the surface.

I can see where they're going with this, and it almost works, but...first impressions are that's ugly as hell.

No word yet on a Western release, though given the title in question, it'd be strange for it to be released only in Japan.


    Is Uncharted even popular in Japan? I know it's a PS3 game, but it's also a Western game.

      Also curious about this. Uncharted is pure Americana. But it's probably one of those things they think oddball Westerners are strangely interested in (like us with Dragon Quest)

    i think more of the lord of the rings when i see this, there is a ring on it and the map looks like LoTR map

    At first I was like YAY! .....then I saw it. /facepalm

    I'm living in Japan now, but i'm importing the game, would I have to buy the game here to get the controller or can it be bought separately?

    Why the hell is this kinda thing never released outside of Japan? No bloody excuse.

    man, i dont care what this looks like, this is gettin an import from me! hopefully play asia'll have it =D

    There's a ring, a cartooned map... are we sure this isn't a LOTR tie-in

    I'm gonna be the odd one out here but I quite like it. The ring is a bit weird and the little hills definately make it look like a LOTR controller.. but the compass around the d-pad looks very Uncharted. Kinda want it!

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