Let’s Watch The Most Beautiful PS Vita Game Of TGS

Let’s Watch The Most Beautiful PS Vita Game Of TGS

Sumioni is one of the most striking and arresting games I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Last week during the Tokyo Game Show, Acquire’s Luke Rideout showed me the game. In the above video, Rideout provides an overview for the title.

The game has been called Okami on the Vita, which is a gross oversimplication. Check back later for Kotaku‘s impressions.


  • The game honestly looks extremely mediocre. The very well done art style is about the only thing it seems to have going for it.
    The animations are cheap and simplistic, the collision detection looks horrible and the gameplay looks like a mediocre SNES game.

    I’m assuming this isn’t a full priced title.

  • It’s nice and it does what it wants to do (Japanese line art, of course) very well, but it’s by no means amazing. Nice, but not groundbreaking.

  • Ugh, touch screen making the guy’s hand block the screen. Ugh, loooong loading time for a SNES game. Ugh, why can’t we see a good use to this potentially awesome hardware?

  • Yeah, count me unimpressed. Derivative aesthetics, horrible loading times, gimmicky mechanics that don’t feel coherent or fluid, level design from the NES times, graphics from the PSX era…

    I’d think twice about paying $0.99 for it in iOS. I wouldn’t even look at it in the most advanced portable gaming hardware of the time.

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