The PS Vita's Best-Looking Game Gets A New Heroine, Multiple Endings

Sumioni — a wonderful, upcoming PS Vita game — is getting a new female character, a princess named Mitsuhime. You must rescue her!

According to Famitsu, the game will also feature multiple endings — three to be exact.

During last year's Tokyo Game Show, I got hands on with Sumioni. It was the best title I played at the show, and I eagerly await its Feb. release.

<p class="arrow"『墨鬼 SUMIONI』ステージ分岐 [ファミ通]


    Nice ! Looks similar to Okami !

    I love how a game is praised as original and artistic, and for some reason, the hundred visual clones that follow it get the same praise.

    see also: silhouetted indie games.

      I have to agree to an extent, but I always liked the whole "Shading cell" art, even if it looks unoriginal.

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