Nintendo Reminds Japan That The 3DS Has Games

Nintendo Reminds Japan That The 3DS Has Games

It does! So stop all that nonsense about the 3DS having no games. More impressive is that the 3DS has a strong line-up of third-party titles. The 3DS might be making its way through a rough patch, but right now, it could just be some temporary turbulence.


  • The TGS showing for 3DS games was great. There might not be a hell of a lot out there right this minute, but that will change in the next 6-12 months. If things keep going this way, it might even have the kind of brilliant support that the DS got in the first 5 years of its life-cycle.

    • While I agree – and the DS didn’t really take off ’till Nintendogs and Brain Training – would it really have hurt Nintendo to spend a little more cash and wait a little longer (say, ’till those games are ready) and release a machine that doesn’t need a lame add-on, with a bigger battery and generally higher quality overall? With a killer launch lineup?

    • Which begs the question why they didn’t just wait and launch the console with Zelda/Lylat Wars. And once players get their fill, have Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Mario 3DS, Luigi’s Mansion and Kid Icarus ready to sweep in.

      Oh right. Nintendo panicked and released a premature console and now they’re releasing a 2nd analogue stick… thing less than a year after launch. Goddamn.

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