Nintendo Reminds Japan That The 3DS Has Games

It does! So stop all that nonsense about the 3DS having no games. More impressive is that the 3DS has a strong line-up of third-party titles. The 3DS might be making its way through a rough patch, but right now, it could just be some temporary turbulence.


    Good article Brian. Maybe soon you'll graduate to making a two paragraph article that actually is informative.

    The TGS showing for 3DS games was great. There might not be a hell of a lot out there right this minute, but that will change in the next 6-12 months. If things keep going this way, it might even have the kind of brilliant support that the DS got in the first 5 years of its life-cycle.

      While I agree - and the DS didn't really take off 'till Nintendogs and Brain Training - would it really have hurt Nintendo to spend a little more cash and wait a little longer (say, 'till those games are ready) and release a machine that doesn't need a lame add-on, with a bigger battery and generally higher quality overall? With a killer launch lineup?

      Which begs the question why they didn't just wait and launch the console with Zelda/Lylat Wars. And once players get their fill, have Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Mario 3DS, Luigi's Mansion and Kid Icarus ready to sweep in.

      Oh right. Nintendo panicked and released a premature console and now they're releasing a 2nd analogue stick... thing less than a year after launch. Goddamn.

    LOL! Hey guys at least he didn't typo this time?

    Guys, it was a 30 second video. Writing an entire essay about it would actually be a bad thing...

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