PlayStation Network Returns, Sony Apologises For Downtime

After a few hours offline, Sony's PlayStation Network is back in working order. Sony tweets "If you encountered issues logging in today, try logging in now. Apologies for the inconvenience!" PS3 owners, you good to go?


    Tried, only partially available.
    I have been itching to chnage my passwords and credentials for months and I still can't

      Really? You haven't been able to change your password or get on PSN since the network came back up months ago?

    Sweet! We're gonna get another 'Welcome back' package!

    Can I have another free game please? :P

    YAY! we are gonna get another Welcome back Package be sure to add RE:dc,RE2,RE3,RE4HD and
    PlayStationplus for 1 Year!! and other game by people requst from below me. Swag!!!!!!!!

    "Turn my Swag ON!"

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