Red Dead Redemption 'Game Of The Year Edition' Incoming

Good things come to those who wait. Rockstar's Western hit Red Dead Redemption returns to retail on October 11, packaging all released downloadable content and preorder bonuses in one $US49.99 package for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    There we go. This is what I've been waiting for to get it.

      Likewise... was sooo close to grabbing this and Undead Nightmare at EB's current sale. Now happy to wait for the whole kit & kaboodle in one package.

    Any chance of a PC GOTY edition?

      Seconded. I already have this on PS3 but I would love to play online on my PC.

        Presumably it will happen whenever M$'s bribe..i mean exclusivity deal..expires.

    Wow u guys a bit slow on this one, have known about it for over a month

    Knew it. Been waiting, and trying to avoid the other versions with the sales and everything :P

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