Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a title screen? Throw in your guess in the comments! If no one gets it then a clue will go up at 2pm.


    Nice tactic, Tracey. Looking forward to how this one goes.
    Oh, no idea, by the way.

    OK, I know it's a videogame, it's interactive...that's all I've got.

    Soul Calibur?

    Okay these are getting ridiculous, I have absolutely no idea. I'm going to ahead and say First Samurai, as a totally wild guess, and because I loved that game.

    Or as another wild guess, The Chaos Engine. I'm really just listing early 90's Amiga 500 games I enjoyed.

      Gotta step up my game to keep up with the Kotaku community!

    The colours remind me of Metroid Fusion.

      now that you mention does look kinda metroidish

    hard one!
    It looks to me like Xcom- Terror from the deep. But in reality, I have no idea.

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure

    Mortal Kombat 4.

      Just noticed it's from the title screen so scratch that response.

    side of the baby metroid, on super metroid title?

    Next week I have the suspicion these screenshots are going to be 1x1 pixel...

      Sadly I think we've been predicting that for the past few weeks now. I don't think we've forced them to reach that level of sadism yet. . .

    I reckon if you were to play with the contrast/colour palette you'd find they last longer.

    Alternatively, just pick a shooter from the last 8 or so years, then claim it's the one we don't mention.

      Seconding the colour contrast idea, that's pretty clever.

    Has a real Super Metroid, Secret of mana feel it

      Super Manatroid Secrets?

    Return to Dark Castle?

    Castle/World of Illusions Staring Mickey Mouse/and Donald Duck for the Mega Drive

    why bother...its such a small fragment it could be from almost any game. might as just put up a solid colour and call it a screen shot from a game. shessh.

      The point of this being fun is that it is a guessing game. So to ensure that it lasts more than 3 minutes on average it has to come to this to make it interesting.

      You were the kid sticking fingers in the cake while everyone else played pass the parcel at birthday parties weren't you?

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