StarCraft II Invitational Tournament This Weekend

Eight of the Asia-Pacific region's best StarCraft II players will be competing for a prize pool of $13,000 as well as the chance to represent Australia at the StarCraft II Global Invitational held at BlizzCon later in October. And the best part? You can stream their match live as they go head-to-head to see who's the best.

Amongst the competitors is mOOnGLaDe, who we profiled last week as part of our Training With The Pros Series. A live stream of the event will be made available here.

For the full schedule, head to the StarCraft II community site. The first match kicks off at 1pm Sydney time this Saturday.


    Cool! It's people who live in the Sea versus Anzac soldiers!

      i was thinking ANZ as in the bank with simon baker

    Both Melbourne and Brisbane's Mana Bars will be hosting Barcrafts for this event.

    I think there was another major tournament on at about the same time though, so methinks I'll probably be watching that over this. Only so much bandwidth and whatnot.

      We are heading to Mana Bar Melbourne on no sleep after our charity marathon in search of lulz

    too bad all the big name players are in the EU,US and Korea

    Oh god, who do I support? I love SexyGlade, but the cheese of Jazbas is hilarious, but then Mafia is fun, and Light is a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything! (I ignore TA because they beat me this one time)

    Why do you do this to me SEA server? WHY?


    Only 8?

    Sounds like a lack of player

      All the invitationals from the other regions were also 8-player tournaments. That's just the way Blizzard wants to do it.

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