The Amazing Concept Art Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It's the flavour of the week here at Kotaku, and to echo Kirk's glowing review, every second I've been awake and not working I've been walking up to people and saying hello there have yo-ELBOW KNIVES.

So now is as good a time as any to look at some of the gorgeous concept art for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, no?

The following character concepts and environment pieces were drawn by various artists and at various stages of the game's production.

Artists responsible include Jim Murray, Brian Dugan, Theirry Doizon (who we've featured here before), Trong Nguyen and Sébastien Larroudé, while the lion's share of pieces in this gallery were drawn by Richard Dumont and Eric Gagnon.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    I love the environment design work done for this game.

    (Though the random Bush joke in the police station still seems out-of-place to me)

    It's pretty awesome indeed. Although I would've liked to have seen some more upper hengsha(the city sitting ontop of Tai Yong Medical's giant rig).


      +1, was all excited headed up there and then... "oh."

    Notice the distinct lack of crates? hmmm...I guess at the last minute the art director pulled the old "IN THE FUTURE THERE MUST BE CRATES! EVERYWHERE!!"

      Cardboard boxes in every apartement. In the future everyone's just moved in... EVERYONE.

    I'm currently playing through the Picus level, and can't help but notice that it seems like not only did everybody evacuate the building, but they made sure they threw their crap all over the floor and trashed the place first.

    Awesome concept art though, it really shows in the game.

    This game clearly had a vision from the start. It seems all the good games have such an awseome production flow. Strong story, strong concept art and design, and strong final product. Deus Ex: HR i will put up there with Uncharted for one of the best next gen games in the last four years.

    I would have loved to have seen some upper hong kong too. Not just the lower and then the TYM place. Maybe they can fix that problem with some DLC. But then again the game has the forever night thing happening.

      *Shanghai. Ick,

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