uTorrent Lets You Drag-And-Drop Videos To Consoles and Phones

The latest alpha version of uTorrent for Windows (sorry Mac users) has a great new feature: you can drag and drop media downloads onto your Xbox 360, PS3 or Android/iPhone mobile. Currently it won't convert the files to a playable format, but that's expected alongside the upcoming premium release of uTorrent Pro.

The final release won't be available for a few months, and you'll have to pay for it, but for the time being you can see what's on the horizon by downloading the alpha for free.

uTorrent 3.1 beta (Direct Download!) [via TorrentFreak]

Originally published on Lifehacker


    Wooo! Piracy ho!

    And it's not U or utorrent! It's micro torrent!

      cool story bro..

      Yes, We all know this however the letter'u' kind of looks like the SI symbol for micro reversed.
      Their own website is utorrent.com btw...

    PS3 media server is great and it's free. Won't be getting this.

      ^ this. ps3 media server also has an option to install itself as a windows service so you can forget about it and always be connected to the ps3.

        ^ +1 Hear hear.

    in before Microsoft make this unworkable.

      I don't see this happening, there are already a number of apps that let you stream media to idevices.

    umm laptop hdmi tv
    job done

    utorrent is going paid. Ohhoho. Time to find the forum rage over this :D

    I assume we can download a cracked full version of utorrent as part of some kind irony ?

      That's how I got Limewire Pro back in the day :P

        Please. That's how EVERYONE got Limewire Pro back in the day.

          And your point is?

    Sorry for sounding dense but... what does this actually mean? What does 'dragging and dropping to my Xbox' actually look like? Does it appear on my Xbox's hard drive, or does it just show up as a networkable device?

      You physically drag your download server across the room and drop it on top of your XBox. It makes a satisfying "clunk" noise if done correctly, and possibly a loud cracking noise if done incorrectly.

        Thanks for clearing that up Gordon, the article did little to explain how the feature will actually work.
        I assume I can I also then drag my console to the server and drop it in reverse. so it'll be a cracking sound when correct, and a 'clunk' if it didn't work, in which case I'll keep dropping until I hear a 'crack'

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