Valve Beta Leaks, Contains DotA 2 Info (and Creepy New Intro)

There's a closed , very private beta going on at the moment for Valve's upcoming click simulator DotA 2. Or, at least it was private: one of the participants has apparently leaked the client data onto the internet, spilling all kinds of information on the game.

Among the content currently out there are character icons, backstories, menu screens and mention of game modes (Single Draft, All Random, Random Draft, Captains Draft, Captains Mode, Death Mode, and Easy Mode).

There are also spell icons, though note that many of these are either unfinished or are (amazing) placeholders.

Interestingly, it seems some of the beta's code contains mention of a free-to-play mode for the game, similar to that being used by Valve's Team Fortress 2.

For audiophiles, there are almost all of the game's audio files, including seemingly endless b-rolls of each character's soundbytes, some of which you can hear in the gallery above.

My favourite, though, is the clip up top, showing that Valve is kicking the game off with a new company intro reel. That's creepy as hell.

Note that while there's so much content out there, none of this is confirmed as being from the game. We've contacted Valve for comment and will update if we hear back.

Character Models [gameranx]

Character Backstories [playdota]

Spell Icons [cyborgmatt]


    I already posted about this in TAY a day ago! Old news, US Kotaku :P



      My life is complete.

    Still pretty disappointed by the art style

      play lol then

      What about it is different? Other than the GUI which needed an overhaul anyway everything looks pretty much like it did just with improved graphics.

    0:13 on the Sniper sounds video, quote from the sniper in TF2

      The video starts with a quote from the TF2 sniper. It's full of them, not just 0:13.


    No idea what the hell Luke's on about with the 'new spooky company intro' It's exactly the same as the current one but extended for about 4 seconds to put the logo in there.

      I've never seen that guy turn his head before... does it happen in Portal 2 or something?

        Yeah while it was glitching around and then it looks like he never turned his head. I agree it is creepy as hell. :P

    Okay, I guess I stand corrected. Dunno how I missed that the first time around XD

    Is it just me or does Weaver say "shitty"?

    The battle begins
    The battle begins!
    The battle BEGINS!

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