Dota 2 Introduces New Mode To Get Players Out Of Their Comfort Zones

The latest update for Dota 2's beta now delivers a "Least Played" mode, which will match players who are forced to use characters other the 20 that have given them the most wins. It's meant to get players in the game's closed beta to explore the game's full roster, which now runs 96 character deep.

"Least Played" enforces the top-20 restriction on all sides, so everyone is playing outside of his or her comfort zone, too. "Having an even playing field for everyone in the match will hopefully encourage players to break out of their comfort zone and try new heroes," Valve said on the Dota blog.

More than three million are currently participating in the beta; the post said that Dota 2 has seen more than 100,000 games played so far.

Hello? Is this on? [Dota 2 Official Blog]


    Sounds like what me and my friends used to do, except we'd pick each others heroes.

      There's actually a game mode that does that, reverse captains draft. You get to ban a few heroes, then you pick the heroes for the other team.

    100,000,000 games played.*

      Thanks for clarifying... 100,000 didn't sound very impressive :p

    Maybe this will stop people from always picking the god damn drow or sniper. Seriously people, you're not good at a game if you only play one small part of it, I don't care how many hours you've clocked.

      As long as they are winning I kind of have to go with "they are good".

      I mean, realistically, if you were better than them then you would find a way to beat that character. That's kind of what competitive gaming is all about.

      Clearly not playing IH and/or Captains Mode. No drow yet.

      This is both a blessing and a curse.
      Blessing for me because I consider myself versatile over all heros.
      Curse because team synergy in pub is already bad enough before you let them pick heroes they're brand new with.

      "derp I've seen invoker rape teams, I'm going to pick him... By the way never played him before, where are his spells?"

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