Valve Put On A Dota 2 Match With 20 Players, And It Was Crazy

Valve Put On A Dota 2 Match With 20 Players And It Was Crazy

Games of Dota 2 are usually played with two teams of five. So what happens if you double that number? A lot of things, most of them involving killing and/or dying.

Valve pulled two surprises out last night during The International 5 (T15), its ongoing eSports event for its popular MOBA. The first was this very silly 10-vs-10 all star match played by Dota 2's top players, which you can watch here:

Then during that chaos, they gave fans something even more exciting: beginning next week, Dota players using the recently reworked Dota 2 Reborn version of the game will be able to create custom game modes for up to 24 players.

Dota 2 is a fiercely competitive MOBA that Valve's developers have spent years balancing and rebalancing to suit the standard 5-v-5 structure, so throwing so many players into a single match is effectively throwing the game's finely tuned structure out the window. And that's the whole point — it's meant to be a bonkers for fun mode, which is never a bad thing to add to a game as intense as Dota 2. Watching the video up top made me think that this is the closest a MOBA has come to feeling like an all-out, all-items game of Smash Bros. I am totally OK with that.

Fans are still waiting on the next additions to Dota 2's character pool. But I think the insanity of the impending custom matches will make that a tad easier.


    Your auto-refreshing webpage makes the youtube video basically useless.

      I've lost posts I've been in the middle of writing because of this too. Full page refreshes are bad, guys, you should be using Ajax updates,

    That was one of the most entertaining games I've ever seen.

    I can agree, this was easily one of the most ridiculous but amazing matches of DOTA i've ever seen, and i've put in almost 1500 hours myself =P

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