Want To Make Dark Souls Harder? Let Your Fists Do The Talking

Dark Souls players looking for a more... unique challenge may want to follow the lead of a Japanese player who opted to punch his way through the game's first boss, the massive Asylum Demon. No weapons, no spells, just bare knuckle brawling.

This herculean feat of the hands looks like it took the better part of an hour to accomplish, but the video's creator has sped it up to a seven-minute long reel of demon punching. I can't imagine playing the entirety of Dark Souls this way, nor would I recommend it. But it's certainly an accomplishment... of a sort.

[Via NeoGAF/Game Informer]


    dat ass

      yeah that boss has a badonkadonk

    And I still struggle with the first boss in Demon souls as a mage...

      At least you can get up to Phoenix...

        I'm sorry, I meant Phanlanx

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